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The youngest president before Bill Clinton was Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore was forty two years old the day he was inaugurated.

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Q: Who was the youngest president before Bill Clinton?
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Who was the youngest man to be elected US President before Bill Clinton?

Bill Clinton, at 46, was the youngest President to be elected since John Kennedy, who was 43.

How long was Bill Clinton the youngest president?

No time, or never. Bill Clinton was not the youngest president by any means.

What are facts about Bill Clinton?

bill Clinton had served two terms. HE was the governor of Arkansas before he became president. Bill Clinton is the first president to be a Rhodes Scholar. He became president after the Cold War. He is the third youngest president.

Who was the youngest and longest president in US?

bill clinton

Who was the youngest president besides Bill Clinton?

Barack Obama.

Who was the third youngest president of US?

Bill Clinton (46)

What did Bill Clinton do before becoming President?

Bill Clinton was the governor of the state of Arkansas before becoming President.

Bill Clinton was the governor of which state before he was elected president?

Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas before he was elected president.

What did Bill Clinton do before he become a president?

Before his presidency, Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas.

What age was Bill Clinton when he became president?

He was 46, making him the 3rd youngest President in office.

Who was the youngest man elected President since Bill Clinton?

It is Barrack Obama.

What year did Bill Clinton run as president?

Bill Clinton ran for president in 1992 and won presidency against George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot. He was president from the years of 1993-2001. When Bill Clinton was elected he become the third youngest president in history.

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