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Who were some people who were linguists?


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These people were considered to be famous linguists; Avram Noam Chomsky, Benjamin Whorf, Friedrich Muller, and Sir James Murray. Other famous linguists are; Kenneth Pike, Peter De Vries, ad Richard Lederer.


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Linguists study language.

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Linguists, or people who study languages,have traced the movement of west africansby looking at the languages spoken in AfricaBy Fabrice Tuyizere

Linguists study linguistics, which is the science of language. Some linguists study child language acquisition, while others study the effects of a language on culture. There are many different fields within linguistics.

There is no need to capitalize the word "linguists" as it is not a proper noun.

About one-fifth of the world's population, or over one billion people, speak some form of Chinese as their native language. The identification of the varieties of Chinese"dialects" instead of "languages" is considered inappropriate by some linguists and Sociologist's.

A physician assistant is not a medical doctor, but some may have doctorates and be addressed as "doctor," just as some linguists and physicists are called "doctor."

I'm not sure about linguists, but in my training as a speech and language pathologist, this was referred to as MLU, Mean Length of Utterance.

little bear and big bear Answer: In real life, they were linguists and folklorists. They "collected" stories from people and wrote them down.

No inscriptions have been found that are bilingual, so linguists can not compare another language to that of the Harappan, and therefore it has been impossible to crack.

It would be helpful if you would explain what you mean by a 'high level language'. It's not a term that linguists use.

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The patron saint of linguists is St. Gotteschalk.

estimated by linguists, there are about 5000-6000 languages

Linguistics is scientific because of the approach taken by linguists to study language. Linguists will propose a hypothesis, make predictions, then test their hypothesis against samples from native speakers or a set of data taken from a language.

Chartered Institute of Linguists's motto is 'Universal Understanding'.

R. Suman Kumari has written: 'Human factors and information seeking behaviour of Indian linguists' -- subject(s): Information behavior, Officials and employees, Linguists, Psychology, Central Institute of Indian Languages

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Yes. Modern Greek has evolved considerably from the language of the ancient Athenians, Spartans, and their neighbors, in much the same way that French, Spanish, and Italian evolved from Latin. Also, some scholars and linguists have worked towards reconstructing ancient Greek in its spoken forms.

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Groups of people migrate from one area to another. Some groups of people speak the same or similar languages. These groups split and some go one way and others go a different way. Linguists can determine the relationship between various groups of people by studying the languages they speak. They know the patterns that languages follow when sounds change and grammar changes. The Aryan people were an ancient people who moved into North India and conquered the area. They produced the oldest religious writing. A linguist studied that writing to see if he could determine where the Aryans came from. He discovered the Aryans were Greeks. The Greeks had moved out of the Ukurane and some had moved to Greece and some had moved to India.

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