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Who were the Germans racist against before Hitler?

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They were Racist to mostly Jews and about anyone else who didnt fit their ideal image

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Was Hitler racis?

Yes, Hitler was racist against a lot of people and countries.

Why are Americans racist against Germans?

Not all are.I am German living in usa and nobody has teased me.Americans have a bad history with Germany because of Hitler.Don't blame America blame Hitler.

Are Germans racist?

There are racists in every single country. Being from Germany does not automatically make you racist. During World War 2, Adolf Hitler was a racist and anti-Semitic (anti-Jew). But that does not mean every German is too. Remember, Germans come in different skin colours too.

Were the Jews racist to the German people before hitler took over?

No, of course not. The Jews were a small minority and many of the German Jews had been trying for decades to be more German than the Germans.

How did Hitler spread his racist ideas?

He made amazing speeches in which he was so inspiring and powerful they completely overwhelmed the Germans with his words and followed him

What were the racist ideas that Hitler had?

He thought that Gypsies, Homosexuals, Jews and all the other people who are unlike the Germans were different and not worth to live. A good life.

Was Hitler racist against gypsies?

In Europe there was and still is a lot of prejudice against gypsies. The Nazis rounded many of them up and sent them to extermination camps.

Was Adolf Hitler a mad and racist fanatic who trick germans?

Yes, Adolf Hitler was a mad and racist fanatic who tricked and killed millions of people. Adolf Hitler will go down in history as one of the most evil humans to ever live. ++ He was not "mad", if you mean in a mentally-ill way. He was cold and calculating as a ruler, and intensely prejudiced, but not insane.

Are Germans monotheistic?

Not all Germans, possibly some... lets not try to be racist, shall we?

What was Hitler idea of a master race was?

Killing of the Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Disabled people, Non-Germans were all part of Hitlers "Final Solution." Racist Bas%ard

Is it rasist to have a mustaches like Hitler?

No, it is only racist if you have a moustache like Hitler because you admire him and you share his views. But just having a moustache like Hitler would not make you a racist.

Why was Hitler so racist?

Hitler was very racial during the second world war time, but there are people from any country who are very racist and ignorant.

Why are Americans so racist against Germans?

America as a whole is not discriminatory towards Germany or the German people. The reason some American individuals are usually stems from ignorance and generalizations they unfairly use toward Germans.

Did Hitler do anything that would be unsuitable today?

yes, he was incredibly racist against the jews, and what he did would be even more unacceptable in todays world

What did Scout hear Miss Gates say at the courthouse?

She said that "it's time to teach the blacks a lesson". This is different from what she said in class because in class she is mad at Hitler for being racist but in the courthouse she is racist against black people. This shows that she is a hypocrite because she did exactly what she was at angry at Hitler for.

What are racist words for Germans?

Hun, Kraut, Nazi, Squarehead

Who are we racist to?

You are only racist if you are against a different race than you are.

What is anti-racist mean?

Anti means against or opposite. If someones anti racist then they are against racism.

Why is Adolf not racist?

Hitler was one of the biggest racists ever.

Was Hitler handsome?

Yes. but racist he killed lots of people...

Did Adolph Hitler like the people?

he was racist to the people how did not like

Are some Filipinos racist?

No matter where you go in there world, there will in fact be someone who is racist. And so yes, there are some racist Filipinos . . . and Americans, Germans, Irish, Mexicans, British, Chinese . . .

Is it racist to randomly say Hitler?

That would probably depend on the context in which you are saying Hitler and the motive behind saying it, as well as the way of saying it. If you are saying it in a way that makes it seem as if you are admiring Hitler, then that would be considered very offensive and racist.

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