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Who were the Trojans?

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They were the citizens of the city of Troy. Troy was located on the Dardanelles, and as well as the produce from its farmland, made a good living servicing the ships which sheltered on the protected beach near the city, waiting for favourable winds and tide coming to and from the Black Sea trade. As a rich city, it attracted the attention of the Greek pirate raids, and being walled for protection, is traditionally believed to have withstood a siege for several months in the 12th Century BCE and than been captured and looted. Archaeologists have located and dug a mound which contains several levels of a city site which was inhabited off and on over several centuries.

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What are Trojans?

The Trojans were the inhabitants of the ancient city of Troy in Greece.

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What nationality were the Trojans?

Trojans are used to describe the people of Troy.

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Who were the Trojans fighting during the Trojan war?

The Trojans were fighting the Greeks

Do you capitalize trojans in the myth?

Yes, you capitalize Trojans because they are a people.

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Is the word 'Trojans' a proper noun?

Yes, the noun 'Trojans' is a proper noun; the name of a specific group of people, the people of Troy.

Why did some of the gods favor the Trojans?

Because the Trojans worshiped them, or had had a hand in building Troy.

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what was the cause of the conflict between the Greeks and the trojans

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What is Artemis greatest failure?

Artemis sided with the Trojans, the Trojans then lost the war with the Greeks.

Who favored the Trojans in the Trojan War?

If you mean what gods favoured the Trojans- Aphrodite, Zeus and Apollo.

Were the Greeks and the Trojans the same people?

The Trojans were not Greeks, though their culture is believed to have been similar.

What race are the Trojans in the Trojan War?

The city of Troy was in Greece, so the Trojans would be Greek.

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