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Queen Elizabeth I was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Her siblings were Mary I of England, Edward VI of England, and Henry Fitzroy, 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset. Queen Elizabeth I became Queen in 1558, when she was 25-years old. She is considered by many to be the greatest monarch in English history.

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What family did Elizabeth the first that never got married come from?

Queen Elizabeth I belonged to the Tudor family.

What was Queen Elizabeth's profession?

Queen Elizabeth (both of them) were princesses before they were queens. As members of the royal family, they never had professions.

Who the are current main members of the British royal family?

Queen Elizabeth III and James Windsor are the two main members of the British Royal family. James is Queen Elizabeth's grandson and the son of Sophia Windsor.

What did Queen Elizabeth do before she was queen?

Elizabeth was always a queen because her family was royal

What year did Queen Elizabeth come to South Africa?

Queen Elizabeth 's first visit to South Africa was in 1947. She was with the Royal Family, as Princess, not a Queen. Elizabeth's first official visit as Queen was in 1995.

Is the Queen Elizabeth Catholic or Protestant?

She was a catholic The Royal family are members of the Anglican faith Church of England and the Queen is the Royal Governor of that denomination.

Who were important members of the British royal family during ww2?

King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth, the parents of the current queen.

Who was the first member of the British royal family too reach 100?

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother,,,,,,

Is Queen Elizabeth ll related to Hitler?

No, she is not related to Hitler. She is related to members of the old German Royal Family.

What was Queen Elizabeth family like?

The queen of England had a lovely family. The family was of Tudor Dynasty, and her grandparents were Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York.

When did London have its first queen?

The first queen was queen was queen elizabeth.

Why do you remember Queen Elizabeth the first?

because it's recorded in a book that queen elizabeth was the first queen

What does hrh mean in text talk?

HRH is an abbreviation of His/Her Royal Highness. It's used a generally to refer to members of the Royal Family. For example, Queen Elizabeth is commonly referred to as "HRH, Queen Elizabeth".

Is Queen Elizabeth the best Queen England had?

No queen Elizabeth the first was a more popular queen.

Why did Queen Victoria dislike Queen Elizabeth the first?

It"s a way out guess but probably as Elizabeth I never married and was not a ( Family Woman) Victoria had many children, in contrast.

When did Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II happen?

Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II happened in 1952.

How is Queen Elizabeth a queen and her husband a prince?

He was not from a royal family

Was Queen Elizabeth the first Queen?

She was not the first queenQueen Matilda reigned in the 1100s, around 400-500 years before Elizabeth I did.

Was Queen Elizabeth born in the Tudor times?

Queen Elizabeth the First was; Queen Elizabeth the Second was not - she was born in Windsor times.

Was Queen Elizabeth the Queen when shake speare was alive?

yes the first queen elizabeth i mean

What was queen Elizabeth 1 family name?

Her name was Elizabeth Tudor.

Who is the head of the royal family?

queen elizabeth

Is queen Elizabeth from the royal family?

Yes she is

What land was Queen Elizabeth the First the queen of?

She was Queen of England.

Who was the first queen before Queen Victoria?

Queen Elizabeth I