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Who were the first people to live in New York?


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Well, at this time it wasnt called new york but i believe it was the native americans!

The Native Americans.

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the Lenape were the first to inhabit New York, they were native people.

The first people to live there were Indians aka native American

The truth is that animals can live in New York but many people think first about New York City but most of New York is actually filled with grassland.

Who were the first europeans to live in what is now new york?

People live in new york because they like to get stoned and getting stoned is easy in new york

The first Europeans to live in, what was to become, New York City were the Dutch.

1,ooo,ooo people live in new york state

All kinds of people live in New York.

There are many different people that live in the state of New York. New York is the state in the northeastern part of the United States.

The Dutch had the first colony in New York.

gazilions Over 8 million people live in New York City.

Being in the sparsely populated heart of New York, about 750,000 people live within 50 kilometers of New York.

The first people who actually arrived to New York were the Dutch West India Co. They began to arrive in New York in 1614.

estimate about 19.1 million people in new york

ok, everyone thinks that they live in new york, but they live in florida!They live in New Yorkthey live in new york, new york

9.1% of people in New York are Jewish. 5% of them live in New York City.

the first people to live in New Mexico were the native Americans.

The Maori were the first people to live on New Zealand, that is why they are the natives.

The first people to settle the New York City area were the Native American Lenape tribe.

About 700,000 Chinese people live in New York.

the kardishans live there sometimes

Califonia because there are too many people in New York.No New York. there is alot of action there and i live in New York City so i know.

The 2008 population of New York City was 8,363,710.

for people to live and work and play

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