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Islam, as a religion with the revealed Qur'an was first spread by Mohammed and the Sahaba (Disciples).

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Islam spread fairly easily in Mali, as the people practiced Islam with their traditional religions. Islam first reached West Africa through trade.

Muhammad spread the religion of Islam by teaching of the religion. He taught people that he was the messanger of God and that also spread Islam.

Islam spread north at first and then spread east and west.

It first spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

Islam did not spread by military and sword. although Islam had wars. Islam is ideology and people does not believe in something with sword. people heard Islam and researched and thought about it and then accepted Islam.

Islam spread from it started as soon as people realized the wisdom of it.It is still spreading and will still spread.

Muhammad [S.A.W] spread the word of Islam first

Islam first started in Makkah (Saudi Arabia), and then spread to Madina. After that, Muslims would travel around the world (the entire world), and teach people about Islam, and what it's all about.

The people responsible for the spread of Islam were those who embraced Islam at the first call of the holy Prophet (SAW) in Mecca and Madina. They faced the attacks of the Meccan non-believers. Sacrificed their properties, families and lives for the sake of Islam. They fought against the forces that were trying to wipe out Islam. They are the holy Companions of the holy Prophet (SAW). They spread Islam with their personal example of bravery, truth, straightforwardness, honesty, self-sacrifice and sincerity.

how did islam spread in africa

The scholars, preachers, jurists, traders, tourists, and spiritual scholars (Called Sufis) spread Islam.

Islam started in Saudi Arabia Yes, our teacher said that it was ture

Prophet Muhammad spread the religion of Islam so that people can follow/practice this religion. Just like why did Jesus spread the news about Christianity?

No one else in the teaching of Islam (the Qur'an) which ordered his people to terror.

The spread of Islam between 600 and 1200 AD was caused by Muslim armies. These armies often coerced people into converting to Islam.

The sufies are soft spoken kind hearted people. They spread Islam by being kind and loving to the non-believers.

yes. it is part of the religion to spread its words to the people.

The most important spread of Islam was that it was spread by Muhummad.

Islam spread to libya by other countries

for weather the people of mecca had not agriculture and mostly their business was trading. many traders came to mecca and learned Islam and spread it in world.

Islam spread in Egypt, Iran, Rome, Yemen, Syria and many other areas. Muslim traders took Islam far and wide.

Islam began to spread by God by start of universe creation. All God creatures are created on the basis of full submission (that means Islam) to God. Refer to question below.

The Arabs spread Islam by conquering the people around them. Then they put high taxes on non-muslims. They beheaded a number of people worshipping idols. So, they used a mixture of techniques.

A struggle or conflict to spread Islam is a Jihad

Islam spread rather quickly at its onset.

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