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Sheamus won.

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Q: Who will be new WWE champion at royal rumble 2010?
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Who is current WWE champion after royal rumble?


Through the year 2010 from Royal Rumble to Bragging Rights who has been WWE Champion?

Sheamus was champion at royal rumble. Then it was John Cena then Batista then John Cena then Sheamus then Randy Orton.

Is Booker t coming back at the royal rumble 2010?

Well, he is 5 times WWE champion.

Can the WWE or world heavyweight champion enter the royal rumble?


Who is goig to win the WWE champion chip at the royal rumble?

randy orton

When is WWE royal rumble 2010?

31 January

Who is 2010 WWE royal rumble winner?


When will egde return to WWE 2010?

royal rumble

Who were the WWE royal rumble 2010 contestants?


Who is going to be at the royal rumble 2011?

Jeff Hardy won Royal Rumble 2011!He is gonna be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

How do you get finishers in royal rumble WWE 2010?

it is impossible idiot

Wwe when does edge come back?

Royal Rumble 2010