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Who would win star wars or Star Trek?

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it was star wars 1977 star trek was 1979

geinosisNo, there are no two planets the same in Star Wars and Star Trek. Geonosis was in Star Wars, Genesis was in Star Trek, and it wasn't even the planets real name.

Depends on what you like the most. But since I've never seen Star Trek, I would choose Star Wars. And from what I've heard of Star Trek, personally, it doesn't sound nowhere near thrilling as Star Wars (no offense to people who are Trek fans)

Star Trek preceded Star Wars ~ see wikipedia article for dates .

No. Star Wars came after Star Trek. Star Trek debuted on television in 1969. The first Star Wars film wasn't released until 1977, although the Star Trek film series didn't begin until 1979.

Star Wars 1977. The first Star Trek movie came out in 1979.

The original Star Trek series was released in 1966. Star Wars was 1976.

Star wars was first in 1976. Star Trek the Motion Picture was in 1980.

Star wars could easily when in a battle with star trek. Star wars has massive ships and fleets which could easily destroy anything from star trek, and if something did get through star wars massive fleet the 2nd death star could blow the remaining star trek fleet to Timbuktu.

The first Star Wars film, Star Wars A New Hope, was released in 1977.The first Star Trek movie, Star Trek The Motion Picture, released in 1979.

Look to the links below for both Star Trek and Star Wars autographs .

No. He was in star wars.

Star Wars and Indiana Jones were created by George Lucas. Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry.

Star Wars May 25 , 1977 / Star Trek : The Motion Picture December 7, 1979 .

Star Trek. It first premiered as a TV show in 1966 while Star Wars Episode IV was released in 1977.

Captain Kirk is NOT from Star Wars. He is from Star Trek

Star trek was originally a Television series, then a movie. Star Trek: The Original Series- First Aired September 8th, 1966 Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Star Trek's First Movie)- Dec. 7th, 1979 Star Wars: A New Hope- May 25th 1977 You Asked what film was first, and that was Star Wars: A New Hope. But, Star Trek existed over a decade before star wars. Hope that Helps.

"Star Trek is better than Star Wars", is only a opinion. Both Movies Are a big Hit but i would have to go with Star Wars cause More people understand easier and just more fun to watch (opinion)

Yes, 'Star Trek' was released as a show before the Movies that we now know as 'Star Wars'. The original Star Trek series debuted on NBC in 1966. Star Wars first opened in theaters in 1977.

Because people have different opinions

Star wars in 1977 while star treck in 1979

No. Not at all. Star Trek is a COMPLETELY different franchise than star wars

Star wars 4, 5, and 6 were directed by George Lucas. All the star wars films were written and screen played by him also. Star Trek was made by J.J Abrams.

It is unlikely that there will be a Star Trek Lego. Lego has made no links to Star Trek, choosing instead to back up Star Wars.

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