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Author of the First Amendment

No single person wrote the amendment. The Bill of Rights was developed by the first congress in 1789.

However, James Madison can be credited with writing this and much of what we see in our first ten amendments to the Constitution.

Be sure to read "The

First Liberty" by Henry Lee Miller. Phenomenal reading.
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Q: Who wrote the First Amendment to the US Constitution?
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Who wrote the 24th Amendment to the US Constitution?

Tomas Jefferson

Who wrote the 12TH amendment in the US Constitution?

Thomas Jefferson

Who wrote the 10th amendment?

The first ten amendments to the US Constitution were written by James Madison, 4th President of the US. They were added to the Constitution in 1791. Remarkably, Madison also wrote Amendment 27, our latest addition to the Constitution (1992); it simply took 102 years to complete its ratification process.

What amendment to the us Constitution covers freedom of the press?

The first amendment.

Who wrote the 26th amendment?

The 26th Amendment to the US Constitution was written by Jennings Randolph. The ratification date of the amendment was July 1, 1971.

Name one right guaranteed by the first amendment of the US Constitution?

The first amendment of the US Constitution guarantees free speech. The first amendment is one of ten amendments within the US Constitution called the Bill of Rights. These ten were part of the original constitution. More amendments were later added.

What amendment to the US Constitution guarantees citizens the right to peacefully assemble?

The First Amendment

What amendment guarantees that the government will not sponsor any religion?

The first amendment to the US Constitution.

Which amendment of the US constitution protects an individual's freedom of speech?

The First Amendment to the Constituion.

Protects freedom of speech?

The First Amendment to the US Constitution.

In the us freedom of the press is guarenteed by what?

The first amendment of the Constitution

When is the US Supreme Court going to stop the First Amendment?

The US Supreme Court is not going to "stop the First Amendment"; they lack authority to change the Constitution. Article V of the US Constitution explains the formal amendment process.

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