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It could be a number of things wrong with it. The problem you are having sounds similar to what my car was doing. There is an idle air control valve located on your throttle body which can collect carbon deposits. It may be helpful to take it off and spray it with carb cleaner. The EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) was getting stuck on my car because of carbon deposits. I took it off and let it soak overnight in carb cleaner. It won't hurt to try cleaning those two parts. If that doesn't work, you can buy a GM code reader to read your computer and it will tell you what is wrong with it. (I bought one off of eBay for $25 after shipping) Also, I would recommend buying a repair manual from an auto parts store. It is pretty good about giving you step by step instructions on how to repair your car. I hope this helps.

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Is saturn sometimes visible from earth?

Yes it sometimes is.

Can you see Saturn from Earth?


Do they still make Saturn cars?

No, they stopped making saturns in 2009 I believe.

Is Saturn geologically active?

It is hard to say that Saturn has much in the way of geology, active or otherwise. It is a gas planet with no solid surface.

What fuse location controls the cigarette lighter in a 1993 Saturn SL2?

port # 20

Where is the bcm on 2003 Saturn vue?

behind the center console, where you see the heater controls

What year did Saturn stop producing cars?

Saturn stopped producing cars on October , 2009. This discontinuation was a result of Penske ending talks with the manufacturer.

What planet can be seen in the morning?

Jupitar and sometimes Saturn

Why is Jupiter so much more massive than Saturn?

Sometimes we are unable to say "why" things are as they are. Jupiter is what it is. Saturn is what it is. Sometimes "why" isn't a meaningful question when it comes to physical facts.

Is the Saturn car dealership going out of business?

yes. gm has stopped making sturn vehticles.

1992 Saturn sc wiring diagram?

Does a 94 Saturn have a fuse on the cigarette lighter. Mine stopped working. Where is this fuse? There is no direction on where to find a fuse if in fact there is a fuse.

When did they stop producing Saturn cars?

After a successful run the production of Saturn cars was stopped in 2009 after a much sought after deal between GM and Penske Automotive group fell through.

What solar system is Saturn in?

The gas giant Saturn is located in the solar system orbiting the star Sol, sometimes referred to as the "Terran System."

Which fuse controls the cigarette lighter on a 2004 Saturn Ion?

The fuse that controls the cigarette lighter on a 2004 Saturn Ion is a 20 Amp. fuse located in the bottom right corner of the fuse box. The fuse box is located just to the left of the steering wheel in the dashboard under the instrument panel.

Why is the planet Saturn yellowish tan?

It is yellowish ta because it has diffrent colored gasses. If you look on the internet, sometimes you can find pics of Saturn that are colorful.

Where is control valve on Saturn sc1?

The idle air control valve on a Saturn SC1 is found on the intake manifold. This valve controls how much air enters and engine and allows how high the motor can idle.

How often do people see a Saturn sky?

Saturn is visible in the sky about every 10 months. Looking like a big gold star in the sky. Sometimes there is an exception when the sun is too bright and Saturn is blocked out.

Was Saturn named after a mythological god?

The planet Saturn was actually named after a Titan (sometimes referred to as a god). His domain was agriculture, and his Greek equivalent was considered to be Cronus.

What are some of Saturn's unique characteristics?

Saturn creates some of its own heat sometimes.

Nickname of Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune?

Sometimes the four of them are called the Jovian planets.

What is the plug firing order for a 1999 Saturn sl2?

The firing order for the Saturn in-line 4 cylinder engine is: 1-3-4-2 Connect the plug wires to the coil pack (on the front surface of the engine block) in the following order (left to right) 4-1-3-2. The Saturn has 2 coils, one coil controls cylinders 1 and 4. The other coil controls cylinders 3 and 2.

What planets go through distinct phases visible from earth?

saturn and mars can sometimes be visible

Why was the planet Saturn named after Saturn?

There was once a greek god called Saturn or otherwise known as Cronus.This cronus had a suckle in his arm and wasn't a hero.He ate every baby his wife had except for Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. His mother tricked him by putting a stone and then Cronus was overpowered. .

Why are Saturns not made anymore?

Because GM needed to consolidate and nobody wanted to purchase the Saturn brand, so they simply stopped making them.

Is Triton a moon of Neptune and Saturn?

No. A moon cannot belong to two different planets. Triton is the largest moon of Neptune. It is sometimes confused with Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.