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sounds like a bad transmission to me

Try checking your spark plugs up front. Pull them out and make sure they are not gummed up. This happened to my fiencee's car not long ago. Oil was leaking in through a seal and cause the spark plug to gum up causing a bad start even though the car idles fine.

2010-08-25 15:19:56
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Q: Why 95 Ddg Avenger starts and idles great but boogs down with normal acceleration When accelerating very very slowly to 2500 3000 rpm floor it and the engine run great All these tests are done in park?
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What causes a engine knocking noise when you are accelerating and the engine is warm doesnt do it when engine is cold?

Most likely needs a tuneup done. Check the timing and change the normal tuneup part.

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Car stalls when accelerating?

when kick down the gas pedal to accelerate, the car downshift but then stalls and then engine stays rough until i turn off the engine and restart it then the engine runs normal again till the next kick down.

When coasting at approx 5 mph and then accelerating your Chrysler Pacifica will clunk when the trans re-engages Is this normal?

I had the same problem. The dealer replaced the engine mounts at $550.

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Why causes a 2006 5.9 dodge diesel engine smoke black smoke?

not the perfect air fuel mixture. normal under load and acceleration.

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Why does the oil pressure gauge rise on accelerating then fall to normal after changing gear?

As the engine speed increase so does the speed of the oil pump. the faster the pump turns the higher the pressure becomes. When changing gear the engine speed drops along with the oil pressure.

High acceleration temp gauge needle pointer goes down to low temp release the acceleration going back to normal temp?

Need to no more info, Year, engine size, what type of truck. It would help us answer it correctly. THANKS.

What would cause a grinding sound when accelerating straight and a loud whirring at all speeds with the engine temperature a little higher than normal?

This most likely sounds like your water pump is on its way out. HAVE IT CHECKED IMMEDIATELY.

Why does a Chevy 350 cut out while accelerating but rev up and idle just fine?

Check your fuel pump/fuel filter. On the newer fuel injected cars/trucks a restricted fuel filter will allow the engine to perform properly until a fuel demand limitation is reached. Operation may be normal at 60mph and then feel like it has hit a wall at 65mph when the fuel delivery is not sufficient for engine operation at the increased load. Acceleration is the same condicition low fuel flow due to the blocked filter not allowing full fuel flow to the engine.

What are the sings of a fuel injector gone bad?

usually fuel injectors leak gas on the engine block and car missfire in acceleration, also consume more gas than normal

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Where is the battery temperature sensor located in 96 Dodge Avenger?

Never heard of a battery temperature sensor being installed in any normal vehicle. Some race cars yes, but not in a daily driver such as your Avenger.

What would cause a louder then normal noise when accelerating and idling in a 1996 Toyota Camry?

Could be your timing belt.

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normal force。

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