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If The Starter Is Hanging In The Ring Gear When You Are Starting The Engine. It Would Most Likely Be A Bad Starter Drive. Sorry For Not Including This

AnswerIf I Understand Your Question, You Are Asking Why The Starter Motor Keeps Running After You Let Off The Key. You Have A Bad Starter Solenoid. Also Your Ignition Switch Could Be Acting Up. Check The Starter Solenoid First. Good Luck

Sounds to me like you need to shim the starter. It should have come with shims when you bought it.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-29 10:30:44
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Q: Why Chevy 350 starter keeps cranking occasionally you have just installed a new motor all wiring is correct?
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Does 1996 Honda Accord has a cranking system?

Yes, it has a cranking system called a starter.

Why does a cranking motor have an unusually high amperage draw accompanied by a slow cranking speed?

The armature bushings inside the starter motor are probably shot. Time to replace the starter.

A cranking motor has an unusually high amperage draw accompanied byslow cranking speed?

most likely a failing starter

Can continued cranking overheat your starter motor?

more than likely u fried the starter solenoid

Cranking torque for starter?

In general starters do not have torque specifications. You will want to tighten the starter as tight as you can without breaking the starter bolts.

How long do starter last on rotary engine?

That all depends on if you abuse the starter by cranking too long. I have 170,000 on original starter.

What can cause low cranking amp on 1996 mercury sable?

It was the starter

Why is the starter clicking and not cranking in a 1996 Chrysler cirrus?

Discharged battery.

Can a voltmeter be used to measure voltage in and out of a starter motor?

Voltage flow into a starter motor, never out of it. Use the voltmeter to measure the voltage at the starter motor before starting to crank and then whilst it is cranking. (Before cranking, the voltage appears across the starter motor relay only.)

Started is turning but is not cranking?

The starter drive is shot. Replace the starter and hope the ring gear isn't damaged.

Why does Starter keep cranking even after the engine starts I Replaced starter but still cranking?

There are probably severable possible reasons, but I can only think of a few at the moment. Some of the reasons include: 1. Misalignment of the starter when installed, which allows the teeth on the starter gear to bind with the the teeth on the flywheel, thus preventing disengagement after the engine starts. 2. A defective starter solenoid, which remains [stuck] in the start/engaged postion. 3. A defective ignition/starter switch in which the circuit providing current to the starter solenoid winding coil does not "open" as it should when the key is released and thus be allowed to return to the "run" position.j3h.

94 Chevy pickup starter will not stay in place. Starts one day and the next day it grinds.?

sounds like you forgot to put the correct shims in when starter was installed

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