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Could be lots of things What year? What engine? Any other problems? Engine shutting off when shifting out of park is caused by an electrical short in the backup light or automatic power door lock circuits, which are both activated when the transmission selector is moved into or past the reverse position. The engine management computer senses the short and kills the power to the ignition. To confirm this is the problem, disconnect the wire to the backup lights at the park-neutral safety switch located on the drivers' side of the transmission. If a short is the problem, the car will continue to run as you move the gear selector past reverse. You will have to find the short in the circuit and repair it before you can reconnect the wire.

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Why will my Plymouth acclaim not move?

maybe you should try putting it in a drive. its the D letter on the gear switch =)

Where is the overdrive cancel switch on 2008 Toyota 4runner v8 limited located?

There is no "switch". To cancel overdrive move the gear lever from "D" to "4".

Why does the Passing gear not work in a 1994 grand marquis?

There is a switch on the right side of the steering column that turns the O/D on and off. Make sure you have O/D enabled via this switch, as it's very possible that it is turned off.

Where is reverse switch on Ford Mondeo?

On the gear-lever. Just pull it up before shifting it into gear. My girlfriend woke me up because of the same reason. Who drives a car without knowing how to reverse it?? :-D

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N, located in between R, and D. Or if its a manual the last gear.

How do you switch gears on a tiptronic corectly?

1) exsellerate out 2) cluch in (hold) 3) change gear 4) cluch out 5) ecselerate :D

Where is overdrive switch located in 1997 altima?

Overdrive switch is located on the gear shift stick, just below the handle. You could toggle with your right thumb to see if the O/D light comes on when pressed.

MY MB E320 starts but when put in gear it goes hard and once in drive it doesn't automatically switch gears also will not switch from d to 1 or 2 could it be low on transmission fluid?

very possible check that first

Where is the overdrive switch on a 1989 Chevy Celebrity?

There is no separate switch for the overdrive, simply put the gear selector in the overdrive position. It looks like a D inside a square. Not all Chevy Celebrities have the overdrive feature, it was an extra cost option.

How do you switch to 4 wheel drive on an 89 blazer?

if its like my 84 put it in neutral on the shifter then select the 4x4 gear on the 4x4 shifter then place the shifter in d or r

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What is the d with the circle for on a Mercury Sable gear shift?

it is to select "overdrive" gear in transmission. mainly for highway driving. if you have both "D" and "D" with circle around it, use "D" for most driving needs.

How long can the gear be at D when stopping?


What does the D stand for on an Audi A4 gear shifter?

D stands for Drive.

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How do you turn the O D button on on 2002 ford ranger?

On the end of your gear selector lever ( P R N etc . ) there is an overdrive cancel switch . Just push the button and the O / D OFF light will show in your gauge cluster

What is the over drive button in cars for?

To put it simply. It's for saving gas by placing your transmission in a higher gear. P R D 2 1 and the switch in a typical auto is on the shifter.

How do you change 2 gear to D while moving?

You ease off on the accelerator and move the gear lever.

What P R N D 3 2 L?

Park Reverse Neutral Drive 3rd gear 2nd gear Low gear

Which gear do you drive normally in a D with a circle around it or just the D and 1 or 2 if you want to go up a pretty steep mountain?

You can try "D" but vehicle should downshift automatically to required gear

What do these mean PRND32L?

It is the transmission gear selector. P = Park R = Reverse N = Neutral D = Drive 3 = Third Gear 2 = Second Gear L = Low Gear or First Gear Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Third Gear, Second Gear, Low Gear

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