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Autozone tests sensors for free. Also, check the cam magnet and make sure it's not damaged. added.. CAM sensor is pretty easy to replace; it's just under the water pump pulley. I replaced that myself. CRankshaft sensor will also trigger code 17 and 18 (same as CAM sensor), which the book says is CAM sensor; there is no CRANK sensor code. I had that happen on my 92 PA ultra, and it would stall consistently on the same stretch of road after 45 minutes. Since replacing the CAM sensor didn't fix it, I had the garage replace the CRANK sensor after it died completely. Works fine now. Crank sensor is not as easy; they will have to remove the main drive pulley on the end of the crankshaft to get to it.

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Q: Why On a 1992 buick park avenue it dies when engine gets hot around 30 miles i hope its other than the cam sensor is there a way to check if it really is the cam sensor without high cost?
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