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Why Rip van winkle?


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June 28, 2017 7:31AM

Rip van Winkle is an old Dutch folk tale about a young man who falls asleep beneath a tree and who wakes up many years later to find that he has become an old man, that all of his family and friends are dead, and that no-one in his home village knows or remembers him. It's significance is open to interpretation, but it could be a metaphor for the way in which becoming introspective and over-preoccupied with one's own life and thoughts can lead you to ignore external events that take place outside yourself, and that if you aren't careful you will only notice that things have changed to your disadvantage until it is too late. It could also have a spiritual symbolism in the fact that our own mortal lives, whilst seeming highly central and of prime importance to us, are in fact very small brief sand-grains in comparison to Eternity and the after-world.