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A common problem cause by a failing connection or relay behind the instrument panel. I have not had this problem and have not done this repair but I will tell you where to find people who have and are willing to share that information with you. Go to and search the workshop files. If you are a Lexus owner and do any repairs on your car you should view this website. Tell them vbdenny sent you!

2006-10-24 23:53:11
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Q: Why Speedometer does not come on until about 15 to 20 miles especially in the morning?
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It depends on what Fiero SE you own. There are two types. The earlier SE models, '84-'86, used a 85 mph speedometer for the four cylinder engine. It would not be until the '87 V6 model that the SE cars received the 120 mph "GT", as it's called, speedometer assembly. If you already have a 120 mph speedometer in your Fiero SE, it will work just fine. If it's the 85 mph speedometer, it will not, and would read incorrectly until you perform the necessary modifications to make it act like a 120 mph speedometer should.

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If your speedometer has stopped working just put the key in the off position and hold down the trip odometer button until you see some codes come on the odometer. That should reset your speedometer. I could not figure out which fuse was for the speedometer and some one told me about this and it worked right away.

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