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check your car for recall...I know there is one for rear tail ligts.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-18 16:03:05
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Q: Why Tail lights on 1999 cougar work half time?
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Why would the cruise not work and the brake lights glow very dim when the lights are on but work fine when lights are off on my 1999 galant?

i suspect you have a bad ground somewhere,i have fixed a wierd problem like that when i found the tail light was half full of water causing a huge load on light and turnsignal circuit.

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some of the Mercury cougars had a recall on their fuel pump..symptoms are you have to keep your gas tank filled at least at half and over or when it gets below half bogging occurs..this is covered for up to 10 years..if your having this problem it can be fixed for free..just go to your ford dealership..i have a 2000 cougar and it had the fuel pump problem. how do you change the fuel pump in a 1999 cougar

Why would your brand new front brake pads only touch half of the rotor on your 2001 mercury cougar?

For the 1999 cougar they have 2 different size brake rotors it sounds like you need the 276mm size

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