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a cricketer needs more carbohydrates because they do a lot of physical work

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Q: Why a cricketer need more carbohydrates in his diet?
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Who does human need carbohydrates in their diet?

Carbohydrates are not essential, dietary.

Why do adults need carbohydrates in their diet?

Because as an adult gets older they need energy to help them do more.

Why does labourer need more carbohydrates in his diet than another man doing normal work?

Because a labourer need more glucose to do the work and carbohydrates are converted into glucose

How is a footballers diet different to a normal persons diet?

Athletes eat more calories than average people. They need more protein and more carbohydrates.

Can you have a fruit juice with no added sugar if you are on a diet?

Some people need to go to a diet with more fiber to lose weight and fruit juice has no fiber. Others need to worry more about carbohydrates and fruit has carbs.

How many carbohydrates do snakes need in their diet?

6 at the most

How many carbs per day in a 1200 diet?

you need 90 carbohydrates on a 1200 diet

How many carbs should you eat at each meal?

You do not have to eat the carbohydrates in your diet. They fallow you in your diet. You need to eat the low carbohydrate diet.

What is the deficiency for carbohydrate?

Carbohydrates follow you in your usual diet. Carbohydrates are made form glucose. Glucose is the first thing, which is made by plants. So you normally get enough carbohydrates and need not bother for carbohydrates.

What do you need for a healthy diet?

You need Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats (Yes, Fats) Vitamins, Mineral Salts, and Fibre.

What are the nutrients do you need in your diet?

You need proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fibers and water in your diet. You have to take care of proteins. Carbohydrates fallow you in vegetarian diet. For the vitamins and minerals, you have to take fruits and vegetables. Fats make the food palatable. Fats give you lot of calories.

Why do children need carbohydrates in their diet?

Kids need carbohydrates to keep them moving.Carbs are energy and kids need a lot of energy to support their busy and active lifestyles.But, too much energy can cause weight gain because your eating more than you burn off. So watch childrens overall calorie consumption and make sure they get the other food groups in their diet too.Babys Need Carbohydreates in their diet as it gives them there energy for that Day.

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