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If it's leaking between the toilet and the floor, you put the wax ring in wrong. If it's leaking between the toilet and the tank, you need to replace the gasket.

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Q: Why after replacing the wax seal is there a water leak between the toilet and floor when you turn the water on even before you flush?
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Where is the thimble in you spy spooky mansion?

on the floor between the toilet and stand.

What is the average height of a toilet?

the average height of a toilet is flush with the floor. you dont raise a toilet off the floor.

What are the most obvious places that an American standard toilet leaks?

The ONLY places any toilet can leak is between tank and bowl, or between bowl and floor.

Should you seal the gap between your toilet and tile floor with silicone... why or why not?

If the toilet is sitting solid on the floor, you don't need to. I would use latex instead of silicone because if you should ever have to pull the toilet, it would be much easier. One reason not to seal it down would be if the wax ring should ever fail. You could have a lot of damage to the floor before you noticed the leak.

How do you replace the seals in a toilet?

you take off the bolts holding the toilet to the floor, there is going to be a wax ring , remove and put a new wax ring in between the bolts on the floor and put the toilet back , keep the bolts in sight when putting the toilet back , push toilet down and put bolts back on , flush to make sure no leaks , ,, caulk , . be sure to turn and take off the water supply line before anything , jerermiah

Hwy when you flush your upstairs toilet does your downstairs shower drain erupt sewage?

The drain from the toilet to the main drain is plugged and the branch to the shower is not. If the main floor toilet flushes, it is between the two toilets and not between the house and the sewer.

How long can I expect a new laminate floor to last?

It is estimated that a laminate floor can last up to 20 years, before it needs replacing.

What is the best underlayment when replacing a floor and why?

What is the best underlayment when replacing a floor and why?

What do the knobs on the bottom of the toilet do?

The knobs on the bottom of the toilet hold the toilet to the bolts that in turn hold the toilet in place on the floor.

How tall is a handicapped toilet?

17" from floor to top of toilet bowl.

How long does vinyl floor installation take?

Depending on the size of the floor that you are replacing, installing a vinyl floor can be a weekend project. There are a number of steps to take before actually installing the floor, such as removing the original flooring, and prepping the floor for the new installation.

Will a toilet flange at three eighth of an inch above a finished floor seat wax seal to toilet properly using a Kohler toilet?

Yes As long as the flange does not hold the toilet off the floor it will be fine.

How do you unclog hair from toilet?

Hair will not clog a toilet unless there is something more solid blocking it. You need to take the toilet off the floor, out in yard and clean it from the floor end with a garden hose, and possibly even a 'toilet snake'.

Water runs out on the floor when toilet is flushed?

Possibly wax ring or toilet tank to toilet bowl gasket.

What is a toilet water shut off valve?

It is a valve on the floor, next to the toilet. The pipe from this valve feeds the toilet

Downstairs toilet is it ok to saddle the waste pipe from the sink onto the toilet waste pipe ontop of the insulation before floor is poured?

No, Saddles are illegal in most civilized countries

What is the height of toilet paper holder?

most place the holder - depending on the room available next to the toilet bowl itself between 24 and 30 inches from the floor level

Does toilet have to be removed to install new floor?

Yes that's what the flange sit on and get bolted onto that is why if you remove the toilet/flange you will see a hole in your floor

Why would a first floor toilet gurgle when a second floor toilet is flushed?

The lower toilet is acting as a vent. Check the vent stack for debris, bird nest, critters, etc.

How do you keep toilet closet bolts from turning?

If they keep turning then the socket in the floor flange is distorted, or the bolt heads have worn. Pull the toilet and fit a new st of bolts and make sure they don't turn before re-fitting the toilet.

What to do if something gets flushed down the toilet that shouldn't?

You may have to remove the toilet from floor and look underneath. Things usually jam where toilet meets floor flange. Takes about an hour for a competent handy man to do.

Why is the floor hot around your toilet and sink?

The floor around your toilet and sink could be hot because there is a heat vent nearby. There is no specific plumbing reason for this.

How high does the toilet flange have to be above the drain?

The toilet flange sits on the floor and connects the toilet to the drain. It should connect to both.

Do you caulk edges of toilet at floor?

Yes. Typically the comode is cauled where it meets the floor.

How do you unclog your toilet drain when you flush all the water comes out under the bottom of the toilet onto the floor?

pull the toilet. Make sure the trap is clear on the toilet, and then snake the toilet line.