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AnswerPut foot on brake pedal.

I just had this problem, in my 92 Accord, I could still shift using the shift lock release to put it in neutral before starting the car. The real problem was a fuse for the safety switch in the ignition.

just had the problem on one f my cars. stop light on dash was there,anti skid was present,handbrake light was there aswell.upon further investigation l discovered it was the it from dealer it will be perfect.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-21 17:20:45
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Q: Why am I unable to move gear shift from the park position into drive position?
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Want shift to third gear or drive?

No thanks, I do not want to shift to 3rd gear or drive.

Sometimes Gear shift want move from park position to drive position. it intermittantly works?

The place of something

Why would a 1998 Chevy Venture only drive in second gear?

My 1997 would not shift out of first gear, was 'throttle position sensor'.

Is it safe to drive a stick shift it skip second gear?

If stick shift jumps outta second gear is it okay to drive the car?

How do you quickly shift gears in a car?

se300benz the gear for five speed has switch marked E and E where to use on normal drive E or s and show me the picture of normal drive the position of the gear

In Toyota rav4 2002 the doors lock when shift the gear to P position?

In Toyota rav4 2002 why the doors lock when shift the gear to P position?

What is d 3 drive on a Honda CR-V?

D3 means that the vehicle transmission will shift through 3 forward gears (low gear/2nd gear/high gear). D2 indicates only low gear & second gear. Your vehicle will NOT shift into OverDrive unless the transmission is in D3 position.

1999 Passport will not shift out of park unable to drive or move car car starts but the shift gear is stuck on park?

this just happened to me i have a 2001 Honda passport the problem with mine was a broken transmission cable. we just had this fixed but until we did i had to push the button on the gear shift and lift up a little and i could put the car into gear ... good luck

Gear shift lock 1995 galant will not release gear?

Stuck in Park? Check to see if the stop lights are working - shift interlock should be the same circuit Check stop light fuse Try turning the key to 1st position (Unlock) Shift to neutral to start vehicle and then shift to Drive

Magnum gear shift stuck?

Stuck in "Park"? check stop light fuse and stop light switch Try turning key to 1st (unlock) position then shift to neutral to start vehicle and then shift to Drive

When Brakes lights will not come on and gear shift will not go in drive would abs relay be the cause?

Check fuse for stop lightsStop lights and shift interlock are in a common circuitMove key to 1st position (unlock)Shift to neutral to start vehicle and then you should be able to shift to Drive

What happens if you shift to drive from lower gear while pressing gas will anything happen to da transmission?

the transmission will shift to higher gear

What position should the gear shift and gear select levers be in while the transmission is in neutral 2006 Kia Sportage FWD 2 liter?

Where is the Jeep Grand Cherokee gear shift control module?

In the console, it communicates gear selector position (what gear its in) to the Transmission Control Module

Why does my car make a grinding sound when I shift my gear into drive and it won't click into drive?

Cause you don't know how to drive

How do you unlock the gear shift on a H3 after someone trys to attemt to steal it?

To unlock the gear shift on an H3 after someone attempts to steal it, move the key to the first detent, not the run position. This position is between offÊand run. ÊÊ

What is 4 down 1 up on a dirt bike?

That is a shift pattern, only problem is your pattern would be 1 down and 4 up. From neutral position, you click the shift lever down to go into first gear, then each time you shift you will click one position (gear) up at a time until you are in 5th gear.

What does 4 3 2-drive stand for on a car gear?

Automatic transmission? 2 vehicle will shift only from 1st to 2nd gear 3 vehicle will shift from 1st to 2nd to 3rd gear 4 vehicle will shift from 1st to 2nd to 3rd to 4th gear

Your 2005 accent wont let you shift into gear?

Whatever the car, it has to do with the clutch. If the clutch does not dis-engage the fly wheel, you will be unable to shift or even get it into gear. Check you clutch, pedal, cable, or hydraulic system.

How can you change the light bulb where the gear shift is Park Reverse Drive etc on a 1998 Toyota Camry?

How can you change the light bulb for the gear shift on a 2002 Toyota Camry?

My gear shift will not move in my 97 mark iii?

Stuck in "Park"?Check to see if brake lights are working Shift interlock and brake lights are a common circuit Check fuse Move key to 1st (Unlock) position without vehicle runningShift to neutral to start and then shift to Drive

Your mercury couger won't come out of gear?

Won't come out of "Park?" Make sure stop lights are working. Shift interlock and stoplights are the same circuit. Check fuse. Try turning key to 1st (unlock) position, shift to Neutral to start and then shift to "Drive".

What do the letters on a gear shift stand for and what do they mean?

Park, reverse, neutral, Drive and low

What might cause a gear shift to stick in drive?

Rust, Ice, Something bent,

Do a 1994 jeep yj have a over drive gear?

Stick shift, yes. Automatic, no.