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Why are 1994 Geo Metro turn signals and hazards not working?

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If you haven't checked the fuse box do so, it's under the dash on the drivers side. If the fuse isn't blown, don't know

2007-08-08 00:32:07
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Why do your hazard lights on your 1994 metro work but not your turn signals?

Turn signal flasher?

What causes the turn signals on a 1994 Ford Ranger to stop working?

if only the turn signals are not working,you should replace the flasher can

How would you fix turn signals on a 1994 Geo Prizm when the fuse and turn signal relay have been ruled out as the problem Neither signal nor hazards are working?

I would suspect the signal switch is at fault.

1994 cavalier--changed switch bulbs fuses hazards work but turn signals still dont work any suggestions?

have you tried replacing the flasher u need to replace the flasher can for the turn signals there are 2 one for hazards and one for turn signals usually found in the fuse box, and cost about 3 bucks

Why do the signals brake lights and front hazard lights on a 1994 Mustang work but not the rear hazards?

The multifunction switch inside the steering column is bad.

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No they will not fit. after 1994 the Geo Metro developed a new more curved body system. You can use a 1989 - 1994 Geo Metro door though.

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Is a automatic transmission from a 95 Geo Metro interchangeable with a 98 Geo Metro?

Yes it is. Any Metro transmission made after the year 1994 will fit in your 98 Metro.

My turn signals don't work on my 1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport but my hazards do. I've checked my all my fuses so what could the problem be?

Did U checked the turn ligths flasher, switch and wiring?

Can you use the hatchback from a 1992 Geo Metro to replace the hatchback on a 1994 Geo Metro?

it should be able to

Will a 91 Geo Metro steering column work on a 93 Geo Metro?


How do you remove the radio from a 1994 Geo Metro?


Is replacing a 1996 Geo Metro water pump the same procedure as replacing same on a 1994 metro?


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Does the 1994 Geo Metro have air conditioning?

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What is wrong if your 1994 Geo Metro jerks when you try to keep at a certain speed?

Change the T.P.I. thotle possition indicator. I had the asame problem on my 1994 geo metro.

The turn signals on your 1994 Pontiac Sunbird blink slowly whats wrong and how do you fix it?

There's a turn signal or running light out on that side, either front or rear. Turn on signal, get out and look. If both turn signals are working, chances are its the running light.

Is 97 Geo Metro windows compatible with a 98 Geo Metro windows?

They sure are. Metro rear windows were the same from 1989 - 1994 and 1995 - 2000. Hope this helps.

Which fuse controls the turn signals on a 1994 jeep Cherokee?

The fuse that controls the turn signals on a 1994 jeep Cherokee is fuse number 16. This is a yellow 20 amp fuse.