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Actually, emo girls tend to have about the same percentage of bi's as non-emos. But it is true that some are bi.

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Q: Why are almost all emo girls bisexual is it for real or a fad?
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Why are almost all emo girls bisexual and is it for showing off?

-------------------------------------------------------------- ^ That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Almost all Emo girls ARE NOT bisexual . . . Some of my bestfriends are emo and they have boyfriends. They are not afraid to be different, they are outgoing, talented, and sweet. They are the ''cool girls'' in school if I must say ------------------------------------------------------------------

Are all girls bisexual?


Why do all popular girls seem lesbian?

There is an ongoing "bisexual" fad amongst adolescent females. These girls like to get attention by pretending to be bisexual, but they are generally not.

Why are almost all emo girls bisexual and is it for real or a fad?

"Emo" girls are not all bisexual. The term "emo" means that a person curts and/or hurts them self intentionally. Sexual orientation subject to bullying can lead a person to cutting, but this is not always true. Lately it had been the "cool" thing to do; say you are bisexual. (most girls that say this are not, they just want the attention) Another "cool" thing to do is be "emo" or "scene". Some people genuinely do cut/hurt themselves because of emotional grief or pain or ridicule, while many young women do it seeking attention; though they are gaining all the wrong kind.

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