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because the concept of bunk beds is that you are bunking with another person or even just another bed

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Q: Why are bunk beds called bunk beds?
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What are beds on top of each other called?

Ummm... bunk beds...

What are the bunk beds that is a bed on top and a desk on the bottom called?

It is still called a bunk bed idiot!

What is the subject in this sentence we love your new bunk beds?

the bunk beds

What are the best bunk bed for girls?

Among the best bunk beds for girls are, Ethan Full over Full Bunk Beds, Columbia Full over Bunk Beds and Columbia Twin over Twin Bunk Beds. These beds provide much comfort.

What are 4 bed bunk beds called?

twin bunks

Are bunk beds safe?

Bunk beds are safe for children that are comfortable wil bed sleep. If in doubt, use a bunk wall.

Where can doll bunk beds be purchased from?

Doll bunk beds can be purchased from many stores. Doll bunk beds can be purchased from stores such as Target, Toys R Us, and Sears. These bunk beds can also be purchased from online stores such as Overstock and Doll Diaries.

Where did the Jews sleep at death camps?

They were bunk beds with 4 beds on each and 4-5 people to a bunk. Several bunk beds to a room. No matresses nor pillows or covers.

Where can one purchase Twin Over Twin bunk beds?

One can purchase Twin Over Twin bunk beds online, on websites such as eBay and Amazon. You can also purchase these bunk beds in stores such as Ikea and Walmart. Many furniture stores that sell beds have Twin Over Twin bunk beds.

Dowesleep on bunkbeds at Yosemite?

Most lodging in Yosemite will not have bunk beds. Some of the cabins and the housekeeping camp facilities may have bunk beds. The hotels and canvas tents would not have bunk beds.

Where can one purchase furniture such as bunk beds?

You can buy from Plush Furniture, they have a big variety of beds like Bunk beds, Divan Ottoman, Upholstered Panel Bed, Winged Beds and many more, please visit their website and contact them.

Bunk Beds?

form_title= Bunk Beds form_header= Create more space in a bedroom with bunk beds. What size bed do you want for the lower bed?*= _[50] What is the square footage of the bedroom?*= _[50] Do you want the bunk beds delivered?*= () Yes () No

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