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Why are castles historical?

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January 08, 2010 1:47AM

Castles are historical because they were the architectural landmark of a certain time period in the history of Man. And because no one builds Castles anymore...Therefore, they are historical.

They are big, stay where they were built and great things happened at them

Castles are to the Middle Ages what the Great Pyramids are to Ancient Egypt. These impressive structures were often military in nature, and many of them can tell tales of battles fought throughout the history of Europe. Not only did they stand as protectors over their region, but they were also symbols of the might of their builders, their intimidating walls and towers often deterring would-be attackers without a battle even taking place.

Like so many other monuments we hold dear, in many respects castles are history. They have outlived their builders, stood tall through wars, survived the tests of time, and will no doubt still be standing long after many of our modern-day buildings have crumbled into dust. Will the Eifel Tower or the Empire State Building survive as long as the oldest castles have? Will they hold the same sense of wonder and excitement to future generations?