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Of course it isn't funny. It's an example of cruel, insensitive people who take delight in ridiculing those who have a serious disability. It says something impressive about you that you don't find it amusing. Continue to question those who are so emotionally vacant.


From the great words of W. C. Fields, comedy is merely tragedy happening to someone else. As a former paramedic, I used humor to substitute for pain. We, as a race, also make fun of people who are just plain different from ourselves. Whether shorter, taller, fatter, thinner, wearing glasses, hair color, national origin or anything else. I think it is our way of making us better by belittling someone else.

At the beginning of World War II, Germany invaded Poland. The Polish army didn't have anything more than men on horseback to defend itself. These men did not back down and met the German armored attack head on. Of course it was suicide but also very honorable. Did history record this? No. Instead, word got back to German command that these people were so stupid because they were attacking tanks while riding horses. Thus the first Polish jokes were made: What do you do when a Pole throws a grenade at you? You pick it up, pull the pin and throw it back. Another is How do you invade Poland? You march in backwards and tell them you are leaving.

Comedy and tragedy are inextricably linked together. The symbol for theatre is the two masks. One smiling. One frowning.

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Q: Why are jokes about people with no arms considered funny?
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