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A lot of people think that because foods labelled with "low fat" or "no fat" are better for, but that's not necessarily the case. Some low fat foods actually have more calories than their full fat version.

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2013-04-03 02:29:58
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Q: Why are low fat foods healthy for you?
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What is the advantage of serving low fat food to no fat foods?

low fat food help us maintain a healthy heart and a healthy weight if you do the right exercises too.

What are healthy foods I should eat?

Health foods will help your heart. Foods with low fat and low calories that provide protein and the right amount of carbs are great. Fruits, veggies, chicken, multigrains, fish, and low fat yogurt!

What foods are low in saturated fat?

Foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, and low fat or non fat dairy products, are naturally low in fat.

How do you cook healthy foods?

You can cook healthy foods by using low-fat ingredients and by baking, boiling, roasting, broiling, grilling or steaming rather than frying.

Which foods are healthy for your heart?

The foods that are best for your heart would be low fat, low cholesterol and low sugar. Lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables are always good for your heart.

What foods are low in saturated?

Foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, and low fat or non fat dairy products, are naturally low in fat.

What are facts about low fat foods?

Low fat is not always low calorie or healthy! Snackwells, a popular cookie sold during the "low fat" fad, has lots of sugar and refined starch.Eat a moderate amount of unsaturated, unprocessed fat every day.

What types of foods are good for a low fat, low cholesterol diet?

Foods that are low fat and low cholesterol include fish, fruits, grains, and vegetables. You still need healthy fats in your diet like olive oil, nuts, avocados, and sunflower seeds.

Show me examples of low-fat foods?

Low fat milk, Low fat ice-cream

What types of diets are heart healthy diets?

Heart Healthy diets are diets that are low in fat, especially saturated fat and low in sodium. Eating fresh foods that lack preservatives is an easy way to cut excess sodium from your diet.

What foods are low in fat?

Foods with low fat content are:- 1 fruits 2 vegetable 3 cereals

What constitutes a healthy breakfast?

A healthy breakfast is made up of natural foods from different food groups. An example of a healthy breakfast is a piece of fruit, egg whites and a low fat, low sugar cereal with milk.

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