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The reason why is because in geology, things tend to get named by the area where they are first recognized and described, or where something is so common or so well known that it is a good reference location. It is a way of saying, this stuff is like what happened at the Stromboli volcano, or this is like pahoehoe from Hawaii, and the name sticks and everybody uses it because we all understand what it means

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Q: Why are many types of pyroclastic material Italian and Indonesian?
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Explain why the names of many types of lava are Hawaiian but the names of many types of pyroclastic material are Italian and Indonesian?

Many types are hawaiian because of the volcanic nature of that island.

What are the types of volcanic flows?

pyroclastic and convectional.

What is the volcanic material thrown out during an eruption?

It depends on the type of volcano and its geographic location. There are many types of mama

What types of rocks are formed by volcanic activities?

igneous rock, Pyroclastic rock

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What are the Types of material used in attenuator?

different types of material used in attenuator

What three types of materials are ejected during a volcanic eruption?

The types of volcanic material include: - Lava : liquid rock (felsic or mafic magma) - Ash : pulverized or oxidized rock, the smallest particles of ejected rock - Gases : carbon dioxide, sulfur compounds, and water vapor - Pyroclastic flows : extremely hot gas and rock, typically flowing at hundreds of miles per hour. - Volcanic bombs : heavy masses of solid or liquid rock * Ash, pyroclastic particles, and bombs are collectively known as tephra.

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What substance alternates with lava in a composite volcano such as a nearly symmetrical Fujiyama?

The substance that alternates with lava in a composite volcano is pyroclastic material. This material includes various types of fragmented volcanic rock, such as ash, cinders, and volcanic bombs. It is ejected during explosive eruptions and can be deposited around the volcano, building up layers over time.

What are four types pyroclastic material?

Volcanic bombs, large blobs of magma that harden in the air, lapilli, pebblelike bits of magma that harden before they hit the ground, volcanic ash, forms when the gases in stiff magma expands, and volcanic blocks, large angular pieces of solid rock.

What types of materials are volcano like Mount St. Helen's made of?

Mount St Helens is made up of andesitic and rhyolitic pyroclastic materials.