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Why are political parties formed?

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Political parties usually start to form when a country moves

from a monarchy or an oligarchy to some form of government that has

a larger number of people making decisions - usually in the form of

an elected body.

The reason this tends to happen is because when a monarch or

dictator holds all the power, there is no need for him or her to

consult anyone to have something done. In a democracy, or some

other form of government where many people hold the power, it is

very unlikely that a majority will agree on anything; thus,

political parties are formed by people who have enough in common to

reach a compromise and get bills passed.

Over time, a political party may attract more and more

like-minded people who all are trying to reach the same goals.

While this might seem like a good thing, it is usually negative as

it creates political parties with official "party lines." It

creates political parties that are unwilling to compromise, and

only work towards the official party goals, even if these goals are

not sanctioned by the general public.

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