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Political parties usually start to form when a country moves from a monarchy or an oligarchy to some form of government that has a larger number of people making decisions - usually in the form of an elected body.

The reason this tends to happen is because when a monarch or dictator holds all the power, there is no need for him or her to consult anyone to have something done. In a democracy, or some other form of government where many people hold the power, it is very unlikely that a majority will agree on anything; thus, political parties are formed by people who have enough in common to reach a compromise and get bills passed.

Over time, a political party may attract more and more like-minded people who all are trying to reach the same goals. While this might seem like a good thing, it is usually negative as it creates political parties with official "party lines." It creates political parties that are unwilling to compromise, and only work towards the official party goals, even if these goals are not sanctioned by the general public.

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What political parties formed the coalition in the UK during world war 2?

Every political parties

What president and vice president were elected in 1796 and the political parties they belonged to?

There were no political parties in this time period. There was politics, but no parties had formed.

The first political parties were formed around regional and economic differences?

Yes, the first political parties were formed around regional and economic differences. This is true.

How were the political parties formed?

the political parties were formed from the help of some historic people. as u might remember from grade 8 history (which I am learning right now), there is Brown, Cartier, and Macdonald who helped form political parties.

How were political parties formed?

people had different opinions

What factions formed political parties?

Karl Marx

Which of the political parties was the last to be formed?

Free Soil

Why political parties are formed in Ghana?

Cause of goverment

Why were political parties formed?

Seeks to attain and maintain political power within government

Interest groups are like political parties because both are formed for what purposes?


What are the two political parties that were formed in the US?

democratic and republican

What effect did political parties have on the election of 1796?

Political parties didn't exist in1796. They really hadn't formed, but there were political fractions concerning how government should be run.

What two new political parties were formed in the 1820s?

whigs and tories

When were the first political parties formed?

In the U.S., they evolved in the early 1790's. However, there have been political parties as far back as the Greek and Roman republics.

How are political parties formed?

They put people with the same opinions and theories together.

What is a Group of countries or political parties formed in a special alliance called?


Where the The first political parties were formed around regional and economic differences?


Define political parties in simple words?

Political Parties are formed by members who represent the ideas of people across a nation and want to gain and maintain power in a government.

What two political parties did the US begin with?

Federalists and Anti-Federalists were the first American political parties, formed around, respectively, their support of and opposition to the new Constitution.

How did political parties start in the us?

thomas jefferson and alexander hamilton didnt agree on anything so they formed the parties.

What political parties were formed for the election of 1796?

The Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party.

What were the two political parties that had formed in the United states by the year 1796?

Federalist and Republicans

What were the first two political parties and how were they created?

The Federalist and the Republican parties; each was formed over the argument for or against national supremacy.

Was james madison against political parties?

James Madison was against factions of all kinds. Despite this, his efforts help found the first political parties in the newly-formed America.

What president did not belong to a political party when elected?

George Washington did not belong to any political party. Parties had not yet formed when he was elected.