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The five components of health are so important because they help you to keep fit and to exercise better

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Q: Why are the 5 components of health so important?
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How many components of health related fitness are there?

There are five components: 1. Aerobic Capacity 2. Body Composition 3. Muscle Strength 4. Muscle Endurance 5. Muscle Flexibility

Why is five a day important?

5 a day is important because it is part of your balanced diet which is important in your diet and health for e.g i didn't eat my 5 a day for a month and i fainted in my class!!

What are public health components?

The components of public health are: 1. control of environmental health risks say pollutive agents, carcinogenic agents 2. appraisal and regulation of health risks associated with emergent technology, biotechnology. GM foods for example 3. providing food security and nutrition 4. regulation of hazardous products 5. control and regulation of infectious diseases 6. access to health services and medicines K

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How do training principles relate to health related components?

If you're referring to 'Health Related fitness', the components are: Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Body Composition, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance and Flexibility.Training principles will depend entirely on one's physical condition and objectives within the realm of Health Related Fitness. There is no one-size-fits-all program, however, one will need to pay due attention to all 5 components and incorporate each one into his/her training regimen.Although the above-mentioned components are normally assessed individually, they should be viewed integrally when considering a certain 'level' of Health Related Fitness, even if each component is intended to contribute equally to to Health Related Fitness as a whole.

What is the 5 components of health?

Drinking water, eating a balanced diet, exercising (body and mind), sleep, and staying away from things that would make you sick or kill you.

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Give example of activities in each components?

There are 5 health related components of physical fitness:1: Body composition2: Cardiovascular Fitness3: Flexibility4: Muscular Endurance5: StrengthAnd there are 6 skill related components of physical fitness:1: Agility2: Coordination3: Power4: Balance5: Reaction time6: SpeedRead more: What_are_the_components_of_physical_fitness