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There are five components:

1. Aerobic Capacity

2. Body Composition

3. Muscle Strength

4. Muscle Endurance

5. Muscle Flexibility

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Q: How many components of health related fitness are there?
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How are health related fitness and skill related fitness alike?

Skill is a particular motor pattern is one component of many in health-increasing fitness.

How does health related fitness and skill related fitness differ?

A skill is simply an action one can do well. Skill related physical fitness comes about as practice of those skills, and includes aspects of activity such as agility, flexibility, reaction time, and muscle strength.

What sort of components are a part of Fitness?

There are many different components that are a part of your Fitness. You would have to find the best components for yourself. If you go online you can find many different components for your Fitness.

What are the basic components of physical fitness .give the meaning of each cmponents how health- related fitness and skill-related fitness difer?

The basic 'forms' of fitness are suppleness (flexibility), stamina (how long you can do an excercise for), speed and strength. These are sometimes refered to as the 4 Ss. Health in terms of diet or of fitness are different. You can eat more than average compared to your age group and still be fit, or do lots of excercise and still be overweight. It just depends on whether you burn at least as many calories as you consume. Sorry it's not a great answer or anything :-] I'm not that sure if I understood the question...

How many fitness components and parameters?


What are the components in skills related fitness?

Football (soccer)Football has many skill related fitness components, some are : balance, agility, co-ordidnation, power, speed, reaction time (the goal keeper).Football (American)Football shares some skill components with Wrestling (using upper body strength to tackle or block). Balance and speed are also important.

What are the different health related and skill related physical fitness test?

health related: body composition cardiovascular endurance muscular strength flexibility

What are some of the best Fitness exercises I can do?

Many health related websites will give you guidance on Fitness regimes that may be suitable. Basics include push-ups, dips, squat thrusts and sit-ups, but the number and frequency will depend on your base Fitness.

Can Physical fitness be divided into two groups health related and skill related fitness?

Yes, skill related fitness consists of a training program that is designed around the individuals specific skill that is in need of improvement. For example, if you are training a client who is an endurance athlete, then the program should consist of specific endurance training exercises that will cause the client to undergo physiological adaptions which results in the clients endurance performance improving. Heath related fitness focuses on preventing the chances of future injuries and reducing the risk of disease. For example, if you are designing a health related program for a client who is obese and does not currently conduct any type of cardiovascular training; the program should include aerobic exercises that will help reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (along with many other possible health conditions related to obesity). However, health related fitness does not only need to be prescribed to clients with already present conditions. Running for 30 minutes per day can also be considered "Health related fitness" because running is known to reduce the risk of developing CVD.

Are there any magazines that deal with heart health?

There are many different health and fitness magazines available that can help with heart related issues. You can also talk to a doctor about more information if you are worried about you heart. This is a good search tool for finding specific articles:

How many students care about their health and fitness?

you and nobody else

What is considered health and fitness related careers?

Health and fitness careers include personal trainers, exercise physiologists, and many more. Another one would be being a Beachbody coach. As a beachbody coach you help other get into the best shape of their lives while helping them with their diet and fitness plans. you get paid, which is awesome, and you get to improve other peoples lives.