Why are you civilized?

Because you do do not attack your neighbor for the recent kill he brought home for his tribe to consume. Because you dispose of your bodily wastes in a manner that does not contaminate the environment around you (you don't poo where you drink). Because you dispose of your refuse by public incineration or burial. Because you dispose of your deceased by incineration or burial (I know, reoccurring theme--might be something to this). Because you do not club to death and dispose of the remains of those who annoy you like your mother-in-law by incineration or burial (see?). Because you do not pick your nose or your seat (not the place you sit but the part of you that sits) in public. Because you care for the young, infirm, and elderly of your community (yep, even if you weren't aware of it). Because you pay taxes (see, even if you aren't aware of it). Because you school the young (more taxes), pave your roads (taxes), employ the mentally infirm (politicians and taxes), and build great monuments and set aside public lands as national parks and preserves (thought I was going to say taxes again, didn't you? Wrong! Tourist trap paid for by taxes).