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I'm not actually taking any medication!! =| i was thinking maybe theres something in my "diet" that is contributing to my lack of weight loss (sometimes gain!) that im not aware of. I think I'll stop eating bread, and no more coffee.. but i definitely don't eat a lot. So i don't understand! Could someone help!!

AnswerI would look into what kind of medication you are currently taking. Personally, I am on many medications needed for the rest of my life, and no matter how well I eat, exercise, I will not lose alot of weight.
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How can a female get thicker?

what do you mean by getting thicker? you mean putting on weight,if it is , yes one can , provide they take proper diet, and regular exercise.

What foods are best for gaining weight for exercise?

Most athletes are in the business of gaining weight. But with weight gaining foods is not about how much you but is more about what you eat. The most popular foods is Whey Protein and dairy products.

Do your muscles tear when you exercise?

Yes...if your doing weight gaining exercises.

what are the causes of metabolic syndrome?

Some causes of metabolic syndrome include gaining too much weight, smoking, not getting exercise, and getting older.

Whether exercise and morning walk is for gaining or losing weight?


Are there exercise programs for gaining strenght while losing weight?

P90x is a good exercise program for losing fat and gaining strength. It is a very hard exercise program so pace your self and take breaks when needed

If you are gaining weight at 50-years-old what is the best way to lose weight?

Eat less and exercise.

Why when you exercise do you gain weight?

If you are not also dieting, then the exercise probably really isn't doing too much. Otherwise, you could be gaining muscle weight. muscle weighs more than fat so as you lose fat and gain muscle you could be gaining weight. be careful, since exercise may make you more hungry and you need to balance calorie intake with exercise in order to lose weight in the long term.

Why are your hips getting wider without you gaining weight?

ur a woman.

How do you avoid gaining weight in sports?

In sports you exercise. When you exercise you burn fat off that you may have eaten earlier. Remember to always keep hydrated!

If you stop eating and exercise will you lose weight?

No, because when you don't eat you store fat. Your not losing weight, your really gaining it. It will hit you when your older.

Can a lack of exercise cause bones to grow thicker?

Exercise can help improve bone health by increasing bone density. Some exercise can actually decrease bone density. Bones can grow thicker from exercise such as weight lifting. All exercise should be determined what is safe for the person by their doctor because of some risk involved.

How do animals cope with cold?

Some hibernate, gaining weight so they can sleep through the winter.Also, grow thicker and longer coats.

What does it mean when your belly button grows and you not pregnant?

You're gaining weight... so if you do not like it exercise, or eat healthier.

Can it be hard for a vegetarian to lose weight?

yes, it can. Mostly it depends on your genetics, your calorie intake, exercise routine, and stuff like that if you have a hard time loosing weight or gaining weight.

What can make your bust size increase?

Your bust size can increase with exercise, gaining weight and protein supplements. You want to be careful not to gain weight in the wrong places.

Would gaining weight give you the same symptoms as a pregnancy you think you are pregnant have all the symptoms but got a negative result could you just be getting fat?

Are you still getting your period? Gaining weight can make you more tired. It wont make your breast tender unless its alot of weight at once. Like 25 pounds or more in a few weeks. You do not get sick from gaining weight. You dont get swollen ankles from gaining weight, those come after gaining weight. Go to the doctor and take the pregnancy test there because its more accurate than the store one. If your not pregnant they can evaluate the weight gain. It could be something else like thyroid.

If you over ate just one time will you gain weight you ate a whole pizza and dessert?

Possibly. Gaining weight depends on how much you eat and how much exercise you do.

What are the positives of being involved in physical exercise?

Losing weight, gaining muscles, and becoming more attractive to the opposite sex. That's about it.

What are weight gaining foods?

Anything with high fats, high calories, and/or greesy. Cheesecake really makesyou gain weight, eat it about two or three times a week and don't exercise and you will gain weight. Also McDonalds is another place to get weight gaining food. Also if you go to sleep after you eat then you will gain faster.

How come you exercise and you end up gaining weight?

Because muscle is heavier than fat and you are getting into shape by building muscle. Once your muscle tone has leveled out the extra muscle will help you reduce FAT much quicker.

How can your cat put weight on?

By eating too much and not getting enough exercise.

How can you lose weight without gaining stretch marks?

You develop stretch marks from gaining weight, or pregnancy, but not from losing weight.

Why is that you are 24 years old and your penis is getting smaller?

it may appear smaller if you are gaining weight, or you aren't getting the same protein and veggies your used to.

Do diabetic diets make the patient lose or gain weight?

Typically, diabetic diets make the patient lose weight as opposed to gaining weight. However, it is of course possible to gain weight on such a diet. Regular exercise is still essential.