Why are your friends bullying you for what you can see is no reason and they wont tell you why?

Some friends, ironically, do bully their own friends without an apparent reason. I believe however one of the reasons is because it makes them feel 'cool' -- if they find you vulnerable and easy to bully they will see themselves as superior and 'tough', and if you react the way they expect you to, it only encourages them.

Quite honestly, true friends do not bully their own friends; such 'friends' are inconsiderate and uncaring, and at times not worthy of being called a friend. If you choose not to react the way they want you to, they will lose morale and eventually quit bullying you. Refusing to react and totally ignoring their actions is best -- once they feel ignored they will find no purpose to further bully you.

Moreover, I think bullying a person is a sign of their low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. Bullies try to 'fit in' and be cool by verbally or physically irritating their victim. It makes them feel accepted by all the 'cool people.'