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A lot of the new shower fixtures (especially the lever styles) have a "scald protection" feature built into the fixture. This will prevent the water from getting as hot a the sink faucets, by eliminating only hot water from coming out.

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Q: Why can't the shower get hot like other faucets if you don't see any temperature regulator on the showerhead?
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Why would you have hot water at all faucets and hardly any hot water in the shower if it's an old house with no water heater?

First off, you do have something heating your hot water! I would start by checking the restrictor/strainer in the showerhead. unscrew the showerhead from the shower arm and check for debris clogging it. After that I would follow the path back to the water source to see what is causing the problem. You may be wanting a plumber.

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Modern bathroom fixtures names?

bathroom fixtures names are bathtubs, toilets, vanity tops, sinks, faucets, lavatories, lavs, faucets, shower valves, shower heads, shower doors.

When water is diverted from tub faucet to shower faucet it leaks behind wall?

You have a leak between the diverter and showerhead or the arm for the showerhead is not sealed properly into the fitting in the wall

Why would you have Lukewarm water in upstairs showertub but have hot water from all other faucets in the house?

Temperature balance shower body needs to be adjusted

What are shower faucets typically made out of?

Shower faucets are typically made out of linoleum metal. They use this kind of metal because it is resistant to all sorts of soap scum and will not block water flow.

What is the best way to clean shower faucets that have built-up mineral deposits in the head?

Use straight white vinegar to soak the shower faucets. This way you won't have to deal with chemicals.

How much water does it take to take a shower?

A typical showerhead will give out about 2 gallons per minute.

What is the standard height of a shower head off the floor?

Residential single showerhead between 6'-7'.

How much water does a 30 minute shower use?

Depending on the showerhead, usually about 60-75 gallons.

What material is the Barcelona White Finish Showerhead made of?

the shower head is made of stainless steel and polycarbonate.

What causes new faucets in the shower to be more sensitive when adjusting water temp than other faucets in the house?

Mixer valve

What are some companies that manufacture shower taps?

There are many companies that manufacture shower taps. Among these companies are Delta Faucet, Peerless Faucet, Moen Faucets, Kohler, and American Standard brand faucets.

How can you install a rain showerhead in addition to your regular showerhead?

If you are in need to additionally install other function shower head like rain shower head to your ordinary one, firstly your regular shower head extension system should have function to remove the shower head without any plumbing work. So only it is easy to install several different shower head to your regular shower head. Otherwise you have to replace the old one and then install shower head extension which has multiple functions.

What are the variations of shower heads?

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How do I replace a showerhead?

Replacing an old or unwanted shower head is usually as easy as unscrewing the current head and replacing it with your new shower head. Simply screw the new shower head on and tighten it with pliers.

What is the flow rate of a showerhead?

It depends on what shower head you have. It is not an exact answer. ANS 2 - The average shower head has a restrictor limiting it to about 2gpm. These can be removed and then you would get about 3 gpm.

Where can you buy shower trim kits for Delta faucets?

you can go to to have a look

How do you replace tub and shower faucets in mobile homes?

You have to cut out the wall behind them.

How do I adjust Kohler shower temperature regulator The water is not hot enough.?

Go to for the directions

How can I get higher water pressure in my shower faucets?

The simplest and lowest cost solution is to replace the shower head with one designed to increase the pressure.

What do showerheads do?

Showerheads spray water on people while they shower. The person turns on the shower, and water comes through the pipes and out through the showerhead. They help people clean themselves easily and efficiently.

Is there a shower head I can attach to my tub faucet?

You can attach a number of shower heads to your tub, but check with the tub manufacturer first for a list of compatible faucets.

How do you fix a shower head water pressure?

A. you can dismantle the control and replace the inside parts cheaply. B. you can remove the restrictor from the actual showerhead.

How many cups is in a water shower?

An average north American showerhead will allow about 2 gpm to flow. This is about 16 cups per minute.