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Passports are given to citizens of countries only! This applies worldwide. A passport is a legal document that tells the world what country you are a citizen of. Not a citizen of the country? No passport - it's that simple. You can apply for a passport by going to the embassy or consulate of the country of which you are a citizen.

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Q: Why can illegal immigrants not get passports?
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Did immigrants use passports?

NO they are smuggled in

Is it illegal for hotels to scan passports?


How do you get rid of illegal immigrants?

Illegal immigrants can be deported.

Where do illegal immigrants come frome?

WHere do illegal immigrants come from.

Are undocumented immigrants illegal?

yes, undocumented immigrants are illegal

How many gay illegal immigrants are there?

This statistic isn't measured, but if there are about 12 Million illegal immigrants in the U.S., then there are about 500,000 gay illegal immigrants.

Is it illegal for Molossia to stamp passports?

No, all micronations are allowed to stamp passports, nothing in international law prevents it.

Why do California immigrants not pay taxes?

Illegal immigrants are not paying taxes because they think they dont need to,also because they are ILLEGAL immigrants so they dont what people to find out that they are illegal immigrants!

What percent of immigrants are illegal?

The number of illegal immigrants in the U.S was estimated at 11.5% in 2011.

Can illegal immigrants receive welfare?

Yes, the illegal immigrants still receive welfare. The Federal health officials are however cracking down on the illegal immigrants who receive welfare.

What illegal immigrants are allowed to live in the US?

The term "illegal immigrant" says it all. There are no illegal immigrants who are allowed to live in the US.

Why did the Dream Act Bill for illegal immigrants fail to pass in the Senate?

Illegal immigrants should not have a dream! They are illegal and should not be here!

How many illegal immigrants in australia?

The Australian Population is mainly filled with illegal immigrants. To calculate the non-illegal immigrants you must take into consideration the population of Aboriginals from the population of Australia.

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Because they are criminal's. That's why there called 'illegal' immigrants.

How many illegal immigrants come to Australia a year?

in 2008, 176 illegal immigrants were caught coming to Australia

Population of illegal immigrants in US?

Approximately, 12 million illegal immigrants are estimated to be living in the United States.

What stops illegal immigrants?

Borders are put in place to help stop the illegal immigrants from entering other countries.

What is the difference between legal and illegal immigrants?

Legal immigrants have prove that they are able to be here illegal immigrants are not sloud to be in the united states unless they have a legal pass.

What does it cost taxpayers for illegal immigrants?

taxpayers money pays for illegal immigrants, but people should keep in mind-that illegal immigrants that work, unless they are working under the table, pay taxes too, as to the exact amount of money taxpayers pay that goes to illegal immigrants-only the government knows

Are the people from Mexico are illegal immigrants to the United States?

Only if they don't have a green card, but Mexicans are not the only illegal immigrants

How can the average citizen find if a Mexican family is illegal immigrants?

Ask the Mexican Family face to face. "Are you illegal immigrants?".

How do illegal immigrants get a Social Security number?

Illegal immigrants can get social security numbers by stealing other peoples identitys.

Are immigrants criminals?

Illegal immigrants are criminals under U.S law.

Do you get paid to turn in illegal immigrants?


Are illegal immigrants protected by the constitution?

No, they are not.