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Because some smooth peanut butter contains peanuts that have not been roasted. In China peanuts are boiled, not roasted.

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Q: Why can some people although allergic to peanuts still ingest smooth peanut butter without a reaction?
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If a person is allergic to cigarette smoke can they be a heavy smoker without having a reaction?

yes if allergic person smoke it will happen

Can I take Levaquin if I am allergic to Penicillin?

I think it varies by individual. I'm allergic to penicillin and can take Levaquin without reaction.

Skin rash all over body without fever?

allergic reaction

Why are you unable to go outside without having an allergic reaction?

Because you have hayfever. O_O

Can you take Demerol if you are allergic to codein?

Demerol is an opiod just like codeine, so there is potential for an allergic reaction. I would not advise taking it without making sure your not allergic to it first.

What in axe body spray causes an allergic reaction?

Axe body spray is made up of a variety of ingredients. There is no way to know which ingredient caused an allergic reaction without being medically tested.

How does chosclate kills dog?

chocolate kills dogs because most dogs are allergic to chocolate,which cant pass there throut without an allergic reaction

What is a Peanut allergic reaction?

Some people are allergic to peanuts. It's not an uncommon alergy and also not uncommon for this allergy to be extreme to the point of lethality. For these people, exposure to peanuts -- eating them or even rubbing them on the skin, can prodice fast onset allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock. The major problem here is that so many foods contain peanuts that it's easy to come into contact with the antigen without knowing or expecting it. The reactions follow the typical allergic pattern: * Rashes and hives. * Swelling, including of the exposed surfaces, including mouth and the airway. * Possibile interference with breathing, and unless this is resolved promptly, death from asphyxiation. Treatment is also the same. Antihistimines, epinehprine, maintaining an airway if necessary, steroids, etc.

How do you give food back without being rude?

Say that you have an allergic reaction to it. It always works and its most inoffensive,

What is quantitative reaction?

A reaction which goes to completion without the product of any by products, in effect a reaction which has a 100% yield. Although that would be impossible

How long is the recovery time from penicillin allergic reaction?

i was taking antibiotic with penicillin and on day 4 had a allergic reaction ...since i have been itching and still have a rash plus my joints hurt especially my wrists and shoulders could this be connected to my allergic reaction?.. i feel so tired and its day 3 days after my reaction i normally am very fit and go running 3 times a week but cant even weak the stairs without getting tired ...

Can you take naproxen and allopurinol together without having an anaphylactic reaction?

An anaphylactic reaction has nothing to do with taking medications together. Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction caused by your body's response to a certain substance. When you eat or take something you are allergic to, you could have this sort of reaction where your mouth and throat swell up and block your breathing. That is what an anaphylactic reaction.There are no known drug interactions between naproxen and allopurinol. Unless you are allergic to one of them, you can safely take them together. Take them with food because they can both be hard on the stomach.

Is there such thing as an allergic reaction to a fragrence or scent?

From personal experience, yes. That's why they're not supposed to spritz you in department stores without asking.

If someone has an allergic reaction to modeling clay what type of clay should they use?

Natural clays, without additives, or use latex gloves

How do I to treat an allergic reaction to Just For Men Hair Dye?

If you experience an allergic reaction to the Just For Men Hair Dye, you must treat your symptoms by washing the dye out of your hair using regular shampoo. Do not use the product again without seeking medical advice or performing a patch test.

Your dog has swollen eyes and is shaking what do you do and what is it?

Take the dog to the nearest veterinarian without delay. Although there are a number of reasons that dogs may appear to have swollen eyes or to shake, the symptoms described are most consistent with those of an allergic reaction (to an insect bite/sting/other). Severe allergic reactions can be fatal and can develop very quickly. Your veterinarian can provide appropriate diagnostics and treatment.

Can you have an allergic reaction after eating blue crabs?

You certainly can. Besides peanuts, allergies to shellfish are one of the most common food allergies (by shellfish I refer to both mollusk (oysters and clams, etc.) and to arthropods (lobster, shrimp, crab). The allergy can range from mild -- rashes and hives -- all the way up to anaphylactic shock and, in rare cases, death. You can verify this with your doctor. Depending on how strong the allergic reaction is, for extreme cases, getting this tested and verified is a good idea, as they can prescribe "allergy kits" that, in an emergency, can save your life. Or you can be very careful not to eat these animals again. Unlike peanuts, they aren't used in a lot of foods without saying so. Note that if you're allergic to blue crabs, that may mean the allergy extends to all forms of crab, shrimp, lobster, crawdads and crawfish, langostino, etc.

Can chickens eat peanuts?

Chicken can eat peanuts without a problem. Peanuts are grains and grains usually form the better part of the chicken's diet.

What if you get allergic reaction and your tongue is swollen and you got a tongue piercing what do you do?

If your allergic reaction is so bad that oyur tongue swells, go to the ER. Take out your tongue bar. If your tongue keeps swelling it'll swallow the ball and cause more problems. Tongue piercings usually stay open without jewelery for a while.

What is sudden lump on hands?

Rash, allergic reaction, hives, poison something, insect bite, MRSA, and many other things. Hard to know without looking at it.

Could a red rash be a symptom of staph infection?

A red rash could be a symptom of a staph infection, although without examining you, noone can make that determination. Most commonly, staphylococcus infections will result in an abscess, boil, or folliculitis. Just a rash is more likely to be a streptococcus infection or another reaction, such as to a medication or an allergic reaction. If you are concerned about a rash you have, please be evaluated by your physician.

How do you make peanut brittle without peanuts?

you cant -_-

What can happen if you have an allergic reaction to erythromocin?

You will get a pretty good rash all over your baody. The same thing will happen if you go in the sun without sunscreen while taking this med.

Are woodlouse spiders dangerous?

Woodlouse spiders have been known to bite humans if handled. Their venom is not normally dangerous. Rarely an allergic reaction can be fatal without medical attention.

You are extremely allergic to sulfa Can you use the sulfur cream to treat rosacea or will you still have the severe allergic reaction you do when you take sulfa orally?

Very high likelyhood you'll have a reaction. Note -- not a certainty, but a likelihood. I'd either consult a dermatologist or find a non-sulfa-based remedy myself. I certainly wouldn't risk it without at least asking.