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Why can some people eat and eat and stay skinny?

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It is usually a metabolism thing. I'm like that. Or sometimes they might have a tapeworm...

I Agree with the answer above.

Some people have fast metabolisms, which burns A LOT of calories. So they can just eat and eat and never add a pound.

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How do you stay skinny forever?

Eat healthy and stay fit

Why is Bella thorne so skinny?

Well, you are who you are. Some people are fat, some people are skinny. Maybe she doesn't eat too much food?

How does Nick Jonas stay so skinny and muscular?

he has to stay skinny, and eat healthy and work out, because of his diabetes, probably.

What kinds of food should you not eat to stay skinny?

dont eat fruit and vegies and eat lots of cakes and donuts

How long does it take to eat cheese?

Well it depends how fast you chew food and swallow it down. I of course eat extremely slow ( some people do that to stay skinny ). But if you love love cheese you would probably eat it fast..

What do people with anorexia do to stay skinny?

Anorexics do not eat and they excessively exercise. This is a very dangerous - and potentially deadly - method of weight loss.

What do flying purple people eaters eat on a diet?

Skinny people.

How does Kelsey chow stay skinny?

In order to stay skinny the prodcer doesn't let her eat bt gives her pills to make her fll/satisfied. They did this with Judy Garland (Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz)too.

What does it mean when no matter how much you eat and stay skinny my cousin told me its a trait we have?

You have a high metabolism

How do you get skinny and stay skinny?

Well to stay a healthy weight is to eat properly and exersize. some people are natuarly more chubby than others it doesnt always mean their unhealthy. you could be skinny and be unhealthy. If you are planning on going on a diet i would recomend talking to your docter about it first. He could recomend you a diet., But if he says you are a healthy weight belive him and don't go on a diet you could hurt you body really badly.

What foods should you eat to stay skinny?

well all you have to do is eat healthy food like vegies and fruits and dont eat as much junk.

What do fat people do?

they eat. & watch tv. & annoy us skinny people

Should fat people die?

yes but only if they eat skinny people.

What is the best diet plan for really skinny people?

If you are skinny, then you do not need a diet. People struggle everyday to lose weight so as long as you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, some proteins, grains an dairy you are fine. A well balanced me is the key if you are naturally skinny do not worry about it.

What are some healthy foods to eat while dieting?

well you dont have to diet to get skinny but you can stay a way from sweets and junkfood.. the key is exercise and dont eat candy and fatting foods all the time..

What are the eating habits of skinny people?

AnswerIf you want to see how skinny people eat, go to You Tube and search for "Super Size vs. Super Skinny". This is an amazing British television show. I wish we had it in the U.S.A.!

How does jennete mccurdy stay skinny?

She normally doesn't eat to much. She really was 134 pounds and then went to 98.

Can fat people get skinny and not have a heart attack?

People can get skinny like on "Biggest Loser",but you have to work really hard and there is a possibility that you can get a heart attack if you don't eat healthy.

What do the people that stay in Rwanda eat?

They eat food

How can you encourage people to eat healthy?

show them pictures of fat people and skinny people and ask them which they would rather be.

How do gymnast stay skinny?

Because they are always getting their exercise at their practices and they have to eat healthy to say in shape for their meets. They eat healthy too ,as in fruits and vegetables

How do the most popular girls in school stay so skinny?

Becuase when you're deprressed you eat. they don't have anything to be depressed about.

How 2 b Skinny Pretty Like Selena Gomez?

Just stay fit, and excersie. And be very active, and eat the right foods. Some people are very skinny and pretty like Selena Gomez, but they also eat fast-food. That reason is because they only eat in once in a while. They are pretty, mostly because they wear make-up, but not too much. They are somtimes just naturally pretty. Like Selena Gomez. =D

How do you make your face skinny?

By drinking milk with tea and eat some crackers.

You want to gain some weight how do you do it?

if ur skinny eat a lot and exercise