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You probably have a plugged fuel pump or filter, or a possible bad pressure regulator that is located on your fuel rail. I found this info in another Awsome Furom. I hope it helps you out. INJECTORS The following is a list of the injectors used on the 4.0L since 1987 along with their rated static flow: Model Year Part Number Color Fuel Pressure Static Flow 1987-1990 53003956 Black 39psi 18.6lb/hr 1991-1993 33007127 Brown 39psi 21.0lb/hr 1994-1995 53030343 Tan 39psi 21.0lb/hr 1996-1999 53030778 Grey 49psi 23.2lb/hr 1999-2006 04854181 Blue Tip 49psi 22.5lb/hr The injector flow rate varies as the square root of the pressure drop across the injector. The stock '91-'95 4.0 injectors are rated at 22lb/hr @ 43psi fuel pressure, so at 39psi they flow ( sq. rt.(39/43) x 22.0 = 21.0 ). For stock/modified 4.0 engines or stroker build-ups the following injectors can be installed. The flow rates are: Ford Motorsport 19.0lb/hr @ 39psi (Part no. FMS-M9593-C302) Ford Motorsport 24.0lb/hr @ 39psi (Part no. FMS-M9593-A302) Ford Motorsport 30.0lb/hr @ 39psi (Part no. FMS-M9593-B302) Chevy LT1 24.0lb/hr @ 43.5psi (Part no. 17124248) Chevy LT4 28.0lb/hr @ 43.5psi (Part no. 17124251) Accel 19.2lb/hr @ 44.1psi (ACC-150119) Accel 21.1lb/hr @ 44.1psi (ACC-150121) Accel 24.4lb/hr @ 44.1psi (ACC-150124) Accel 25.6lb/hr @ 44.1psi (ACC-150126) Accel 29.4lb/hr @ 44.1psi (ACC-150130) The '95 Jeep 5.2 ZJ/Dodge 5.9 injectors (Part no. 53030262) are rated to flow 24.6lb/hr at 39psi. The selection of injector size will depend on the estimated horsepower output, brake specific fuel consumption BSFC (assume 0.5), no. of cylinders, and the injector duty cycle (assume 80% or 0.8). The formula is: Injector size (lb/hr) = (horsepower x 0.5)/(no.of cylinders x 0.8)

2007-01-31 18:41:27
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