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You actually can buy a computer that does only email and no virus worries. It is called a Landel MailBug. Here are the details: Landel MailBug: * Exchanges email with anyone, anywhere in the world. * Sends outgoing email automatically, so there's no need to "log on" -- just type a message and walk away. * Retrieves incoming email automatically, so there's no need to "log on" -- and alerts you to new incoming email with a bright red LED. * Can't get a virus, can't be hacked, can't crash. No need for antivirus software or firewalls. No worries or hassles. * Sends messages to standard fax machines, so you can send a quick fax or print an email without a computer. * Provides access to news, weather, sports and more. * Converts PDF attachments to viewable text (omitting graphics). * Comes with everything you need, ready to plug in and go -- five minute installation. * Connects to any standard phone line. MailBug shares the phone line you already have, but will never interrupt your calls. * Comes with its own email address, no ISP required. * Free, friendly customer support by phone or email. Standard full-size 'QWERTY' keyboard makes it easy to type email. * 24x7x365 operation - always ready - there's not even an on/off switch! * Bright backlight and wide 8-line high-contrast display makes it easy to see and read email (even in the dark). * Email addressbook holds up to 100 names and email addresses. * Personal phonebook holds up to 100 names and numbers and dials numbers for you. * Displays the phone numbers of up to the last 100 people who called you and lets you automatically call them back. (This feature requires Caller ID service from your local phone company.) * Only 10.6"x7"x 2.75", and less than two pounds! * One year limited warranty. Any current Apple Macintosh computer will not only give you email, but a full fledged computer without any worry of viruses. Macs run Mac OS X, which was introduced in 2000, and has not seen any viable viruses or malware yet. Learn more at

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Q: Why cant you buy a computer that does only email and IMs and no worry about viruses?
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