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Sounds like a bad spark plug or spark plug wire to me.

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Q: Why car Honda civic DX 92 shakes when the engine is totally cold and in parked condition If gas is pressed it goes away Also it goes away when engine get hot?
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Are you considered parked by law if driver is still in car and engine is running?

I believe you are "standing", not parked.

Does my car burn gas when I am in parked?

If your car is running when parked then it is burning gas. Cars use gasoline to run the engine.

With vehicle is in park a loud noise from rear of vehicle when the gas pedal is pressed down?

when the vehicle is parked they are raising the motor, Or when passing by it rattles the window

Went out this morning to find your 1986 Corvette totally dead battery is fine what now?

1986 Corvette. Car drove fine a week ago. parked it in the garage and today totally dead. Where fron here?

When the car is parked it feels like no fuel is getting to it?

If no engine light is on it could be fuel filter

Why is it unsafe to leave the engine running while parked?

Exhaust fumes may enter and that is not good.

Who is liable in a rear end collision if the car that was rear ended was parked?

As long as the parked vehicle is parked properly and not illegally parked in any manner, then the vehicle that rear-ended the parked car is at fault. Now if the parked car is sitting illegally (such as double parked or parked in a no parking zone, etc.) then the parked car is at fault or even both the parked car AND the car that hits it are BOTH at fault.

If the exhuast is gone and you drive it will it harm the engine?

No it won't hurt the engine BUT you could get carbon monoxide in the car. Don't sit in a parked car with the engine running if your exhaust is bad - it could kill you.

Who is at fault if you back into an illegally parked car?

The person's who parked it there, (its parked illegally.)Not your fault.

What is the size of a standard van pool parking spot?

The relative size of the parking spot is dependent on what it is doing. Parked in a lot follows the standard design rules of 1.0. When at a hub that is totally a different story. it could be 2.0, 3.0 or even more if it is parked on the field of a park.

Who be be at fault if you hit an illegally parked car in Atlanta even if the illegally parked car was in a blind spot and the space where the car was parked illegally was too close for comfront?

It would be the car who had parked illegally because he was not parked in a legal spot.

Can you help detect a fuel problem on a 1990 poniac?

the "check engine" light will come on or there will be a puddle of gasoline or oil where the car is parked

Who is to blame when a car is hit when parked illegally?

the person how parked.

How do you use the word parked in a sentence?

I parked my car in the driveway

What is the term used for Aircraft parked at an Airport?

'Parked aircraft'.

Is it illegal to have your car parked in front of your apartment in city limits if it's broke down?

If your car is parked in a zone where parking is not permitted, then it is illegal. The condition of the car is irrelevant.

Car accelerates when parked?

The word "accelerate" means to travel faster, pick up speed ... how on earth can a car be parked and moving at the same time. Possibly meant, engine revs to higher RPM when stopped, which could be: Throttle Positioner problem

What are symptoms of bad gas in cars?

When you are parked or in neutral while the car idles, your engine will shake. The vehicle will also get poor gas milage. Bad gas can also cause engine failure.

What would cause a 2001 Toyota Echo to die when parked and when the ac button is pressed or make a loud sound while driving when the ac button is pressed?

Compressor/clutch is about to go bad, if has a serpentine belt when it does no driving the car, better get it checked while car can drive, oh ya stop using AC till its checked.

Can the car windows blow out if parked in garage?

From being parked only - no.

Is parked an adjective?

Yes it can be an adjective: We walked past the parked cars.

Can a torque converter cause a car to shutt off in drive?

I have a Mazda protege 1996 that is parked because it will not go into drive but the engine starts?

What is the function of the engine liquid cooling system?

well the cooling water or as you said (liquid) treated chemically so it does not freez and it does not boil inside the engine when running or freez over night when the car is parked .

If a car is in park in a driveway with the engine running and lights on is it still considered parked?

Yes, as long as the engine is not in gear and a brake is enabled.A "Parked" car is defined as: a setting in an automatic transmission in which the transmission is in neutral and the brake is engaged. (http:/ it would suffice to say that a car is parked once the wheels are locked via some sort of brake and the engine is not in gear (park or neutral). The lights being on is irrelevant.Concerning California law: It is illegal to leave your vehicle unattended on the highway without first turning off the engine and enabling a brake.(

Where is an airplane parked?

Airplanes can be parked in areas at airports or at hangers if they belong to a company.