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Why could 1997 4 runner start and run until warm - then die?

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2008-01-21 07:15:08
2008-01-21 07:15:08

just a guess, look and make sure the the hoses from the air filter,mass air flow sensor are all attached correctly, the hose on my truck looked ok but it was sucking air from the bottom side. i guess i loosened it up while cleaning the engine at the car wash. when i went back to check again it looked ok from the top but as i ran my hand to the bottom there was a gap. I made sure the thing was put back on correctly and my proble was solved. check all of the hoses are not leaking in any way. p.s. if you use a K&N air filter it will case your truck to act up as well. I tried one and had to take if off and put back a regular filter.

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