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Hutchinson was banished from or forced to leave the colony she started the settlement of Portsmouth


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The colony that Roger Williams started was the Rhode Island "Sewer" Colony in 1636. Anne Hutchinson did not start a colony because after the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay colony exiled her for being a religious dissident she and her family were killed by Indian's before reaching New York.

It began in the colony of Massachusetts. Massachusetts was not a state at that time.

John Winthrop stated the Massachusetts Bay colony.

The main reason why Puritans started the Massachusetts Colony was to separate from the Angelic Church; to start a new religion.

Perhaps the most important reason the Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded was to enable Puritans to practice their religion. The colony had its start in the years of 1628 to 1630.

For religious freedom(purposes), some people were even strangers and they were just going to the Massachusetts Colony for a fresh start in life.

The Pilgrims started the colony called Massachusetts. They also had the thanksgiving feast with the Native Americans.

She started the settlement of Rhode Island. She did this after she was forced to leave Boston.

William Penn started the Massachusetts colony

They wanted to live according to their religious beliefs

The Puritans originated in the first U.S colonies. The town of Salem, Massachusetts was strictly a Puritan colony.

The Puritans founded the Colony of Plymouth in Massachusetts. The Puritans arrived with women and children in the Americas in 1642. They expanded and formed the Colony of Jamestown.

Thomas Hooker founded Hartford. He was a Puritan of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, but started to disagree with some of the Puritans in Massachusetts. He decided to go start a new colony, Connecticut.

People from England were sent over to start a colony by King Charles I

when penguins leave their colony they start feeling like...........SOMEONE IS GONNA EAT THEM!

It started in Massachusetts, in what is now the United States of America. It was a British colony at the time.

To exercise religious freedom without interference from any government.

No. Thomas Hutchinson was the predecessor to Thomas Gage. Thomas Hutchinson was the governor of Massachusetts 1st and was eventually replaces by Thomas Gage. Thomas Gage was an important British General in the Revolutionary War. His actions with the Intolerable/ Coercion Act and in the Battles of Lexington and Concord contributed to the start of the war.

because they wanted to start their own settlement by changing on how they are now i think i am only a kid in 5 grade okay just look it up it already says it or buy a social studies book i go to a school

The Rhode Island colony started because Roger Williams had religious ideas and then had to leave Massachusetts others liked his ideas. So they were traveling and soon found providence which became Rhode Islands capital. Soon other people started to find about Rhode island and moved there.

The state of Maine was established because of the Missouri Compromise ( to balance # of slave and free states) but it was a part of Massachusetts and that colony started because of desire for religious freedom

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