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Why did Britain go to war with Germany?

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Because Germany was going to attack Poland

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Why did England and Germany go to war?

Because Germany invaded Poland. 'England' did not go to war with Germany; Britain did!

Why did Germany declare war on Britain in World War 1?

Germany did not declare war on Britain. Britain declared war on Germany to protect Belgium.

What year did Britain and France go to war?

Britain and France declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939

Why did Britain and France go to war against Germany?

Because Germany attacked Poland.

Why did Great Britain go to war with Germany in 1939?

Because, Germany invaded poland

Why did Britain have to go to war?

Because Germany invaded Poland and Britain told the Germans that if they didn't withdraw immediately that at 11.00 am on Sept 3rd 1939 Britain would be at war with Germany. Germany did not reply to the ultimatum and did not withdraw so war happened.

Which country did Germany invade that made Britain go to war?

The country that Germany invaded forcing Britain to join WW1 was Belgain.

Did Britain forgive Germany in World War 2?

Britain forgave Germany after the war

Why did Britain go to war on Germany?

becausegermany was going to attack poland

Who decided Britain was at war World War 2?

Britain told Germany to remove their troops from Poland. Germany refused and Britain declared war on them

Who was willing to go to war with great Britain?

Germany was, and France did, several times.

Why did great Britain declar war on Germany?

France was already in war with Germany and was losing so Britain joined the war.

Why did France and Britain go to war?

They went to war with Germany to fulfill their promise to Poland.They had both promised Poland if Germany attacked, they would declare war.

What was the cause of great Britain coming into World War 1?

Britain had an alliance with Belgium. Belgium was invaded by Germany in order to advance on France. Therefore, Britain declared war on Germany and joined the Allied Powers. However, this was mainly an excuse to go to war. Really, Britain was opposed to Germany for many years since Germany started expanding itself as an overseas empire in 1885, which made Britain feel threatened. When World War I broke out, Britain jumped at the opportunity to fight Germany.

What year did Britain and Germany go to war?

Britain and Germany have gone to war twice, in 1914 and 1939. In both cases Britain declared war.Britain has fought wars in Germany many time before that, for example during the Napoleonic wars. But Germany did not exist as a country before 1870. These earlier wars were against one or more independent German states.

Why did great Britain go to war against Germany?

so that Germany wouldn't take over the entire continent.

What was the date that Britain declare war on Germany?

12/03/1998 was the day Britain declared war with Germany

What made the World war 2 start?

Britain, france and germany Britain and france declared war on germany when germany invaded poland

What official reason did Britain declare war on Germany?

Britain declared war on Germany because Germany attacked Belgium in order to strategically invade France. Britain vowed to protect Belgium, so Britain joined World War I.

In what year did Europe go to war against Germany?

1939.well that's when Britain did

What day did germany and Poland and France and Britain go to war?

september 3 1939

When Britain invaded France in world war 2 did they go to the border of Germany?


Why did Hitler declare war with Britain?

He didn't. Britain declared war with Germany.

What happened in Germany and Britain in 1914?

Britain delcared war on Germany for invading Belgium.

What made Britain want to go war against Germany in world war 2?

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