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There was a race that involved US, UK, and Canada during World War II; they wanted to build an atomic bomb in fear that Nazi Germany would create them first. This project was called the Manhattan Project (1942 to 1946), the project was under the command of Major General Leslie R. Groves Jr. of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Einstein, Szilard, Fermi, and President Roosevlet were main people involved in this project.

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Q: Why did Enrico Fermi make the atomic bomb?
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Was the knowledge from atom bomb used to make a nuclear reactor?

No, Enrico Fermi constructed and operated the first nuclear reactor (CP-1) in 1942. Several larger nuclear reactors were needed first to make the plutonium for the MK-3 Fatman atomic bomb, which was not tested until 1945. Their principles of operation are quite different, except that both operate by nuclear chain reaction.

When did enrico fermi invent the nuclear bomb?

Fermi did not invent the fission bomb, Leo Szilard did in 1933. But nobody could build one because no material that would support a neutron chain reaction was known until 1938 when Otto Hahn discovered that the rare isotope Uranium-235 would. Even then it took the US from 1942 to 1945 to build the industrial infrastructure needed to purify enough of this isotope to actually build one Uranium bomb and fuel 3 reactors that could each make enough Plutonium in a month to make a Plutonium bomb.

What was Oppenheimer trying to do when he discovered the atomic bomb?

He was attempting to do just that- make an atomic bomb.

Why did they make the Atomic Bomb?

the atomic bomb was made to end the world war 2

Why did they make atomic bomb?

the atomic bomb was made to end the World War 2

Who did the atomic bomb?

China made the Atomic Bomb, no china did not make the atomic bomb. the united states made the abomb and it was called the mannhattan project

Who ordered Albert Einstein make the atomic bomb?

No one did; Albert Einstein did not create the atomic bomb.

Why wasn't it good for albert Einstein to make the atomic bomb?

Einstein did not make the atomic bomb, so it was neither good nor bad.

When did japan make atomic bomb?

Japan did not make an atomic bomb. It received two in ww2, one in Hiroshima the other over Nagasaki.

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