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Germany wnted to regain wealth and honour from ww1

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Q: Why did Germany attack Poland?
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What year did Germany attack Poland?


What country did Germany attack in 1939?


Who did germany attack to start ww2?


Did Poland attack first in world war 2?

No, Poland was invaded by Germany.

What year did Germany take over Poland in a Blitzkrieg?

Germany launched its attack on Poland on 1 September 1939

Was Poland ready for the attack from Germany?

Poland had no means to defend against Germany at that time, which started WW II.

Why did Britain go to war with Germany?

Because Germany was going to attack Poland

When did the Nazis attack Poland?

Nazi Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, 1939.

Did Britain go to war with Germany because Germany was going to attak Poland?

Yes, because Germany DID attack Poland on 1 September 1939.

Did Germany invade Poland before or after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor?

Germany invaded Poland before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Who did Germany attack first in World War 2?


What country did Germany attack first in world war 2?

Poland. That's what caused the British to declare war on Germany in the first place.PolandPoland

What countries did Germany attack first?

The very first country Germany attacked was Poland in the 1939.

What country did Germany attack that caused Great Britain and France to declare ware on Germany?


Why did Britain go to war on Germany?

becausegermany was going to attack poland

Which country did Germany attack in1938?

Nothing....they did invade Poland in 1939.

Where did Germany attack first to start World War 1?


When Germany invaded Poland what did the air force attack?

some people

What did Germany and the Soviet Unoin agreed to after the invasion of Poland?

they agreed to split Poland in half and not to attack each other, but Germany broke that secret treaty later

Who did Germany attack in World War 2?

Poland,Britain,France and more

What were the reasons for England declaring war on Germany?

Germanys attack on Poland in 1939

When Did Germany declare war on Poland. Was it before invasion?

No it was a suprise attack

Who did Germany attack in the 1930?

No one. It isn't until 1939 that they will invade Poland.

What happened when Germany attacked Portland?

Germany never attacked "Portland" but did attack "Poland" Britain and their allies then declared war on Germany.

When was the invasion of Poland in World War 2?

On September 1, 1939 Germany launched an attack on Poland. This was the beginning of WW2.