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Germany had a pact with Japan and Italy.

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What were the axis forces faced by US forces in Pearl Harbor?

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. That incited the USA to declare war on Japan and Germany.

After japan bombed pearl harbor why did Germany declare war on the us?

japan and Germany were allies (axis powers)

What provoked the US to declare war on Germany?

Pearl Harbor was the main reason the US joined the war. They declared war on Germany and Japan because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and Germany was Japan's ally.

What problems did Pearl Harbor cause?

The attack on Pearl Harbor caused the US to declare war on Japan and then Germany and Italy. 1,177 crewman died that day.

When did Germany declare war on the us in WW2?

When the US declared war on Japan for Pearl Harbor

After pearl harbor was bombed who did America declare war on?

Japan. Then Germany declared war on the US.

Why did Germany declare war on America?

Japan attacked us on pearl harbor under orders from Germany, and We declared War on japan and Germany;

Who was allied with Germany in the battle of Pearl Harbor?

Japan and Italy were allied with Germany, but only Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Germany had nothing to do with it and if they had been consulted, would probably have not approved the action.

Why did Germany bomb Pearl Harbor?

Germany has never bombed Pearl Harbor.

Why did the US declare war on Germany in world war 2?

Quite the opposite, the US did not declare war on Germany, but Germany declared war on them. They did this to honor their alliance with Japan after the Pearl Harbor attacks.

What developments led to the US declaration on Germany?

Mainly Pearl Harbor because Japan was an ally of Germany. After Pearl Harbor was bombed the US declard war on Japan and because they were allies Germany and Italy see it fit to declare war on the US.

What did the government do about the Pearl Harbor?

In response to Pearl Harbor, the president advised congress to declare war, which they did.

When did the president declare war on Germany in World War 2?

Shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, in december of 1941.

When Germany declare war on US?

after japan attacked pearl harbor and declared war on japan a German Allie

When did you declare war on Germany?

Germany declared war on the United States four days after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor - December 11, 1941.

Did Germany attack anyone after pearl harbor?

Germany didn't attack pearl harbor dumb***, that was japan

Where and what is pearl harbor?

Pearl Harbor was a US naval base in Hawaii. On December 7. 1941, it was where the Japanese attacked the United States which caused the US to declare war on Japan, which then widened to include Germany and Italy.

Why did Germany and Italy declare war on the US?

After the US declared war on Japan because of Pearl Harbor Germany/Italy in turn declared war on the US.

Why did Germany And Italy declare war upon the United states?

Because the United States declared war on Japan after Pearl Harbor.

What were the repercussions of the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor?

After pearl harbor the president asked congress to declare war on Japan. Then we did a raid on them.

Did the us declare war on japan after pearl harbor?


What was the purpose of FDR's address to Congress after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

To ask Congress to declare war on Japan

Which country did the United States declare war on after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

America declared war on Japan. Germany then declared war on America.

Why did Roosevelt do nothing to stop Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor came as a surprise to the U.S., so Roosevelt was able to do nothing about it.

Did Germany invade Poland before or after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor?

Germany invaded Poland before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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