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Why did Hitler attack only Jewish people?

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He was after money to fund his war. He wanted to control all of Europe, so he picked people who he called "inferior", including Jews, Gypsies and mentally handicapped. These were the people he killed, and he took anything they owned to fund his war. To this day there happens to be very little evidence to prove Hitler did see homosexuals as "inferior". He also killed others too, for example Romas (gypsies), Poles, Russians, incurables, the handicapped, retarded etc. All these people were very easy targets. His targets tended to be people that he could easily pick out from a crowd, or people who did not resemble his "perfect race".

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Why was Hitler only saving pure German people when he was a Jew to?

Hitler was not Jewish, it is beleived he had Jewish blood in his family tree but Hitler struck that from public record..

When did Hitler gain control over Jewish people?

he didn't he only had control of the Jewish people within his territories

Who were the Hitler youths enemies?

The Hitler youths enemies were primarily Jewish people. Jewish people were not their only enemies though, if you didn't fit their image of a 'perfect person' you were their enemy.

Why did hitler kill only jewish people?

They weren't the only ones Hitler had killed. It was anyone he deemed inferior to live. He killed those he hated, were disabled, homosexual, or didn't agree with him. But it was the Jewish people who were TOP on his list of people to wipe out.

What type of prejudice was the holocaust?

Religious prejudice. Hitler wanted to rid the world of Jewish people. The only people set to the gas chambers were members of the Jewish faith.

How many people did Hitler eliminate?

Hitler killed 1.5 million Jewish kids. And that's only children. Imagine how many adult's he killed!! :( :( I feel extremely sad for these Jewish kids and adults!

How did Hitler know who was and wasn't Jewish?

All the people had to research their genealogy and prove they weren't Jewish or had Jewish ancestors. many tried to lie but only few got away with it.

What do you think of Hitler?

Well, people might have different opinions about Hitler but whether people want to see it or not Hitler was a good leader when it came to getting Germany out of its depression. Hitler was, however, a psychopath. He blamed Jewish people for no reason. From pictures I have seen, concentration camps were terrible places. He wiped out 90% percent of Denmark's Jewish population. He only killed himself because he was losing Berlin and failed to take over the world. So he was a good leader. But the only thing you can call him for doing what he did to the Jewish people is Monster.

Why did Adolf Hitler kill only Jewish people?

Hitler also killed Communists, homosexuals, mentally retarded and other severely handicapped persons, among others.

Who helped Hitler kill Jewish people?

The Nazis were the only ones who committed genocide on the jews during that time period

Was Hitler engaged to a Jewish women?

No. The only woman Hitler was ever known to be involved with was Eva Braun.

What are some of the things Hitler believed?

Hitler believed in Communism.Only people with blonde hair and blue eyes were beautiful.Jewish, Handicapped, Disabled and Gypsies should be executed.

Why Was Hitler Important?

Hitler was important because he killed over 11 million people both people who opposed his government regulations and Jewish. Hitler was in fact Jewish himself, so no one would find his fathers records he turned the town he lived in to a training camp for soldiers. he also very much enjoyed many Jewish comedians singers and actors. He kept what he was doing to people from everyone. HITLER IS A HORRIBLE MAN WHO KILLED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE FOR NO REASON WHICH ONLY BROUGHT HIS AND HIS WIFE'S DEATH AKA SUICIDE

Why were the Jewish people targeted to be killed?

The Jewish people were targeted to kill because Hitlers dad didn't like Jewish people .Because Jewish people are business minded and they would do more business and it was hard for other people to do the business's. so that's why Jewish people were targeted to be killed. and Hitler didn't like Jewish people the reason hasn't Bean founded yet.Jewish people were not the only peoples to get killed it was alsothe Gypsiespoleshandicappedhomosexualsand etc...

Why did hitler persecute the jewish population?

hitler believed that the world should be only german, and people that have blonde hair and blue eyes even when he had brown hair. and he didn't only kill the jews, he killed other religions as well.

Was Adolf Hiter actually Jewish?

yes he was Jewish because of his father RE: wrong, Hitler was only and 1/4th Jewish because of his Grandmother.

List 2main reasonswhy the Holocaust occurred?

Hitler only wanted people that were 100% German in Germany. He thought they lie Even if he was part Jewish!

Did hundertwasser join the Hitler youth?

Yes, but only to draw attention away from his Jewish mother.

How did hitler's views about race lead to the muder of six million jewish people and million of slaves hypsies and other?

Hitler viewed other races as subhuman people only fit to be slaves.

Do ducks attack people?

yes ducks do attack people but, only if you bother them

Was Jews the only ones murdered during the holocaust?

No. Anyone considered inferior by Hitler was deemed to be unfit to live. Gypsies, homosexuals, the disabled, and especially Jewish people.

What school did Anne Frank go to?

Anne Frank went to Montessori Schools. It was an all Jewish school, Anne Frank had to go to a all Jewish school because she was Jewish and Hitler said all Jews must go to an all Jewish school. At one point of Anne Frank's diary she said that there were only three people in the school because of the number of people gassed, shot, bombed, and almost any way Hitler could kill Jews.

Is it true that some Nazis were Jewish?

Some Nazis had Jewish blood only a generation or two back, yes. Hitler had Borman check into his own lineage early in the Third Reich. Borman reported back that there was a one-in-four chance that Hitler had a Jewish grandparent.

Did Adolf Hitler kill black people cut them up and eat them?

NO! he did not cut them people up and eat them. Actually Hitler killed every minority he could find. Black, White, Jewish, Gay, Straight, etc. He only didn't kill Blonde hair and blue eyed people.

Is the sun Jewish?

No. Only people can be Jewish. Suns can't have religion.