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Why did Hitler make the Jews starve to death?

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Hitler did it because he thought the Jews did not help during the first world war because they did not give any money to the war effort.

He also did not make them starve, he put them in gas and filled the chambers with poisonous gas

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Why did Hitler make a lot of Jews work at death camps such as Auschwitz?

Hitler made a lot of Jews work at death camps such as Auschwitz, because he simply hated the Jews and was a dictator.

Why did Hitler make Jews wear yellow stars?

To make them stand out as Jews

If Hitler was Jewish then why did he kill Jews?

Hitler wasn't Jewish. If Hitler was Jewish, it wouldn't make any sense for him to kill all the Jews.

Why did they make the camps for the Jews?

because Hitler didnt like the Jews

Did Hitler make VW?

Hitler did make volkswage when he took all the Jews away he made it.

How do you make a sentence with the word starve?

One of the dangers of being stranded on an island is the possibility that you might starve to death.

What type of Jews did Hitler kill?

It didn't seem to make any difference to Hitler what type of Jews were killed during the Holocaust,

Are locust dangerous?

No but they can eat the crops of farmers and make them starve to death

How did Hitler make history?

Hitler made history because he was responsible for World War 2 and as a result of that for the death of millions of people, including approximately 6 million Jews, in what has become known as the Holocaust.

What problems did the Jews make for Hitler?

Nothing Hitler just hated the jews because he blames the jews for the bad things which had hapen to germany such as lost of ww1, the jews are scape goats and they was blamed for the german looses.

Why did Hitler put out that propaganda about the Jews?

Hitler put out propoganda about the jews to make people think that they were bad. he also did it so when he murdered and tortured the jews they would be less likely to turn away from him.

Why did the Jews make the Holocaust?

The Jews did not make the Holocaust. Six million Jews were killed IN the Holocaust. The Holocaust was created by Hitler, Himmler, and those in their political realm, not by Jews. The Jews were innocent. They were not guilty of anything

Why did Hitler hate different people?

Hitler hated Jews because he felt that they were responsible for may of Germany's problems. Hitler wanted to banish the Jews from society to make Germany an economically powerful country.

Why did Hitler build austwitch?

because he wanted to make the Jews suffer

Were the Jews happy that Hitler came to power?

No. The Jews hated and despised Hitler because he intended to make Anti-Semitic behaviors and beliefs a cornerstone of German governance.

What lie did Hitler tell the Jews?

Hitler lied to the Jews by saying he'll make things better for them.but he didn't lie by saying he'll change the world

Was Hitler scared of the Jews?

Hitler was only scared of them if they tried to fight back.because they make lots of money

Why did Hitler make the Jews wear the yellow star of david?

so he could tell the Jews from the other peeps!

How did hitler make war on the jews?

by declaring them the enemy and blamimng them for Germany's woes.

Why did Hitler move the Jews to Islam?

With respect, this question doesn't make sense.

How did hitler move the Jews into the ghettos?

Jews were sent to ghettos by rounding them and make them march to the ghetto area. Other Jews joined the march when it went by their house.

What happen in hitler family tree that made him hate jews?

Nothing happened in Hitler's family tree to make him hate Jews.

How did Hitler use prejudice as a tool?

he used it against the Jews to make them look bad

What did Hitler influence?

Hitler influenced the Germans to slay the Jews so they could make a perfect society. He also inspired some Communist leaders from other countries to help annihilate all Jews.

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