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He did not necessary wanted to conquer the world, he just wanted a Germany that was powerful and big, rivaling the SU and the US. He used the excuse of "Lebensraum" for his people, he wanted to have room to the east for his "superior" race. Other then that, he was probably insane, making foolish moves during the war, and eventually killing himself.

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Q: Why did Hitler want to conquer the world?
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What country did Hitler want to conquer?

Austria and subsequently the world.

Why did Hitler want to conquer Britain?

He wanted to conquer all of Europe

What countries did Hitler try to conquer in World War 2?

Russia. Hitler tried to conquer the whole entire world.

21 in Hitler youth?

Why did hitler try to conquer the world?

What did Hitler do as a dictator?

Attempted to conquer the world.

Who was the that wanted to conquer the world?

Adolf Hitler wanted to conquer the world. Also Ghengis Kahn and his successors.

How did Hitler conquer England?

Hitler did not 'conquer England'.

What was Hitler views about Germany?

Hitler believed that Germans were a master race and it was their Destiny to conquer the world

Why did Hitler conquer Denmark in World War 2?

Hitler invaded and occupied Denmark in March/April, 1940.

What countries did Hitler NOT conquer in world war 2?

Spain, Russia, America

How many countries did German want to conquer?

Germany wanted to conquer the world.

What was hilter goal in the war?

to sought to conquer Europe then the whole free world and make the perfect race Hitler wanted to conquer Europe then the free world.......but he failed

What country did Hitler not conquer?

Switzerland and Sweden are the various two countries which Hitler did not conquer. *************** I would like to add that he failed to conquer Britain and Russia.

How can you conquer the world?

Promise people what they want.

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Why did Hitler want to go war?

Because he wanted to conquer other countries to expand Germany's lebensraum.

Did Hitler try to conquer Western Europe Eastern Europe and USSR?

Hitler tried to conquer everything. So yes.

What country did Hitler conquer that started World War 2?

Poland on 1 September 1939

Why Adolf Hitler want to invade Europe?

Adolf Hitler wanted to invade Europe so that essentially he could take over the world. Once Europe is completely controlled by him he could move out in all directions to conquer the globe.

Has anybody tried to conquer the world?

Hitler. World War II? The Germans... Search Google about Hitler.. BRETT Alexander The Great Genghis Khan Charlemagne to name a few!

Why did Alexander want to conquer the world?

he was power crazy

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Did Adolph Hitler conquer England?


What area did Hitler not conquer?